Qatar to Lose World Cup Hosting Event?

FIFA said that it is “in regular contact with the local organizing committee of Qatar 2022 and the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy on matters related to the World Cup”, following the decision of a group of countries to break diplomatic relations with the country.

Switzerland’s Gianni Infantino has not made any comment on the matter at this time, hours after the initiative announced by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, and Yemen.

This group of countries accuses Qatar of supporting terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhoods, the Islamic State, and Al Qaeda, as well as breaching international commitments and agreements.

They also blame the small country for “undermining stability”, and for failing to comply with agreements between members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which is composed of EAU Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

Qatar has replied that it is “an active member” of the GCC, and that it is “committed to its agreements, respects the sovereignty of other countries, and does not intervene in internal affairs.”

The next December will be seven years that Qatar won the organization of the World Cup 2022, when the FIFA Executive Committee chose his project ahead of those of Australia, the United States, and South Korea.

Four rounds of votes were required for the election. In the first, Australia fell eliminated with 1 vote. Japan and the United States received 3, South Korea 4 and Qatar 11.

In the second, Japan said goodbye with 2 votes. Korea and United States 5, and Qatar 10. Korea, with 5, was eliminated in the third round. The United States won 6 votes and Qatar 11.

And in the fourth and last Qatar won and obtained the absolute majority with 14 votes, by 8 of the United States, that already had organized World-wide of 1994.

Always controversial

The victory of Qatar, which took place at the same meeting in which the Executive Committee chose Russia as the organizer of 2018, was surrounded by controversy from the outset, to the point that FIFA filed a complaint with the Swiss prosecution for Possible irregularities in that vote, although it did so four years after it.

This complaint is the source of the corruption cases that began to be made public in 2015, in the face of the investigation initiated in the United States, which will lead to the trial of many former FIFA officials and collaborators accused of making and accepting bribes, As well as other offenses.

But apart from his choice, Qatar 2022 has also been questioned for other reasons, such as the working conditions of the immigrant workers employed in the construction of the stadiums, denounced by Amnesty International.

Following this, the Catalan government announced more than a year of changes in legislation for workers’ well-being, and FIFA was recently satisfied with the talks between the companies and the International Union of Construction and Wood Workers (BWI) On the conditions in which employees work in the construction of sports venues.

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