The UK Attacked Again

Terror strikes Europe again with a bombing in London. At least seven innocent people have died and more than 48 have been injured, many of them are in critical condition. It all happened very fast, barely eight minutes.
First a speeding vehicle ran over several pedestrians on the London Bridge and then three terrorists got out of the car with big knives and stabbed the pedestrians at the Borough Market.

At the moment no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the “terrible incident” is being treated as a “potential terrorist act”, something that has been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police

In addition to this double attack, London was also victim to a violent knife attack in Vauxhall, just south of the capital. At first it was believed that it was related to the others, but the authorities have ruled this possibility and assures that it has nothing to do with those happened in the center of the city. Early reports indicate that three of the alleged perpetrators of the attack have been killed by gunshots.

The suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests but these were later established to be hoaxes. (Gabriele Sciotto)

At 12:45 p.m., Sky News showed footage of a police operation launched on a block in the London suburb of Barking. There is no official confirmation that it is connected to the attacks of London Bridge and Borough Market, but the British chain says yes. In this same operation, both Sky News and Daily Telegraph, say that five people have been arrested

May has reported that the election campaign, which most major parties have decided to suspend, will resume tomorrow. The elections, he confirmed, will be held on Thursday as scheduled.

The elections are very important as the conservative party could lose their majority. This would signficantly impact the Brexit process.

The attack also comes just four days into the general election and 12 days after the bombing that killed 22 people in Manchester, where a suicide bomber activated a bomb on the way out of a concert by Ariana Grande.

That attack triggered the rise of the terrorist alert level in the country to its highest level, “critical”, indicating that an attack is imminent. Within a few days, and after a police operation that is still open, the level returned to “severe”, which indicates that an attack is highly probable. This same night, the American artist returns to Manchester, surrounded by a cast of stars, to star in a concert for the benefit of the victims of the attack.

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