Review of Wonder Woman

I occasionally do movie reviews and in the past, I have done formatted it in the standard paragraph format. This time I will change it up, I will do a quick overview and then do bullet points with my more in-depth thoughts. I am changing the format because I struggled writing reviews and adequately expressing my own thoughts.

Spoiler warning.

Wonder Woman was a fantastic superhero film. It was a solid film that I thoroughly enjoyed. That said, was it a genre defining film? No. Is it something I have to see again? No, but I probably will. But was it an enjoyable film that lived up to expectations? Yes.

  •  I really enjoyed the Easter egg in the beginning. The DC Comics intro was a great throwback to the old Justice League and Justice League Unlimited TV shows. It is more in the light of JLU but all three use the same basic style.
  • The score was amazing as are all DCEU scores.
  • Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot is always a win because she is so hot.
  • I really really enjoyed the villain fake out. I was like, “is Ares not the main villain? They definitely built him up as the villain and he went out like a bitch.” They not only made Ares another character than who they implied he was, but made him be who we thought was a good guy.
  • Doctor Poison was probably underused in the movie, but, then again, I do not know how much they could have done with her relative to other villains.
  • I was really impressed by them killing off Steve Trevor. That takes balls and it was completely worth it.
  • No Bruce Wayne made me sad. I really expected him to make an appearance for thirty seconds to a minute. I think his appearance in different DCEU films; even if he does not play anything near a major role really ties them together—similar to what Nick Furry did in the MCU.
  • I am split on the use of slowing down sections of fight sequences. On one hand, it highlights the kick-ass of Wonder Woman. On the other, I prefer the action sequence be natural and uninterrupted. On that note, I am glad the movie makers did not fall into the trap of cutting the fights to hide bad choreography. For the most part, they kept the action sequences wide allowing us to get a full view of what was happening.
  • One of my favorite aspects of the movie is how they made Wonder Woman a feminist character and a feminine character. On a similar note, they wrote her introduction into modern society well.
  • The movies official run time is two hours and twenty-one minutes. At times I felt myself getting a little bored in the more fluff areas. I think the movie could have reworked two or three scenes or cut about ten minutes to make it tighter.
  • The CGI was generally good, but at times on Themyscira it felt fake to me. Maybe it was just me.
  • Another problem I had was the timing of the German boat invasion. This is a minor detail but the timing from the arrow volley to the German soldiers landing took way too little film time and a time jump was not adeptly shown.

Unlike many, I have enjoyed all four DCEU films that have been released. I do not think any of them are particularly great but I think the same of the MCU. Neither universe has made a habit of providing great movies but rather enjoyable movies. This certainly was done. Compared to the rest of the DCEU, Wonder Woman has a case to be the best of the four although it could fit into the two or three slot.

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