JB Pritzker – A Man For Himself

JB Pritzker, a wealthy Illinois Democrat running for governor, has taken a $230,000 tax deduction off of the 6.2 million dollar mansion he purchased next door to his other mansion. This may seem bad, however, it is only one of the many ways that Pritzker exploits the system for his benefit. His family’s business, Hyatt Hotels, notoriously mistreats workers and hires undocumented workers. His family is also one of the top donors for the Democratic Party. His family donated over $22,000,000 into the Democratic Party in just the last year. Such donations got his sister, Penny Pritzker, a position as the United States Secretary of Commerce and gave JB Pritzker access to the DNC, according to Wikileaks.

About JB Pritzker

JB Pritzker is a billionaire venture capitalist and heir to the Hyatt Hotel chain. Pritzker is worth an estimated $3.4 billion and has invested in hundreds of small businesses. His campaign calls for higher taxes on the rich and he states that he is running for governor of Illinois on the premise that Illinois is broken and corrupt, and that Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican, has done nothing to benefit the state. His campaign site says “What’s happening now in Springfield is offensive to our values and who we are as a state. Bruce Rauner’s failure as Governor isn’t just about numbers, it’s creating real damage every day to people across Illinois.” Furthermore, he states that he is running because of the current state of American politics with regards to Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner. In fact, he is calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump, stating that it is “not something done lightly” but that it is necessary.


Business Dealings

JB Pritzker and his family currently have stake in Hyatt Hotels, the Pritzker Group, and several middle market companies. Hyatt Hotels has a history of abusing workers’ rights and has a vested interest to protect undocumented workers, as the hotel chain employs them. Moreover, the company, owned by the Pritzker family, has been accused of overworking employees, unjustly firing employees, and turning heat lamps on for individuals protesting against the hotel in the middle of the summer.

Such egregious violations of the dignities of Hyatt employees should not be overlooked, especially considering Pritzker’s progressive leanings and his so-called devotion to workers’ rights. They also illegally enrolled in E-Verify illegally in an effort to track their undocumented workers. JB Pritzker’s position, quite logically, on immigration is “, Immigrants are often the biggest driver of small business and job creation so we need to nurture and support our immigrant community and not have them living in fear.” This is ironic considering that in some cases immigrants should be more afraid of JB Pritzker than the government.


Furthermore, Penny Pritzker, sister of JB Pritzker, was protested by the largest hospitality union in the country after Barack Obama, whom the family donated millions to, nominated her to the position of Commerce Secretary.

“The Commerce Secretary’s first concern should be to create good, family sustaining jobs for all Americans,” Hyatt housekeeper Cathy Youngblood said in a release. “Under Pritzker’s direction, Hyatt has led the hotel industry in a race to the bottom by aggressively subcontracting out career hotel jobs to minimum wage temps. This is not the model that will lead our country to a bright economic future.”

All of this is in utter contravention of the morals that they publicly uphold. Could it be that JB Pritzker is trying, like many other businessmen, to regulate out the competition of small business? That would be a logical explanation considering his positions on immigration, healthcare, and worker’s rights. Businessmen like JB Pritzker, who are liberal and well connected, use their connections to have lengthy regulatory bills written that both paint Democrats as the cavaliers for the little guy and allow for loopholes for companies like Hyatt.

Unbridled Access To The Democratic Party

The Pritzker Family, being a top contributor to the Democratic Party, has certain access to our government that common citizens wouldn’t otherwise possess. The DNC has flown representatives out to Chicago to meet exclusively with JB Pritzker. The contents of such meetings are undisclosed, however, the Bilan Report has found a meeting took place in May of 2017 between Pritzker and Cox Clayton. Such a meeting is only one of the examples of how the Pritzker Family has abused their access.

After donating 1.3 million dollars to the Obama campaign, Penny Pritzker was nominated by President Obama to become the US Secretary of Commerce. The action, as noted above, was protested heavily by the hospitality union.

JB Pritzker was also heard in a Blagojevich wiretap discussing a potential position in political office. He told Blogojevich that he was “really not that interested” in Obama’s senate seat and instead proposed that he could be the Illinois treasurer.

When he proposed this, disgraced governor Rob Blagojevich(D-IL) stated “Ooh, interesting. Let’s think about that. You interested in that?”

To this, Pritzker responds “Yeah, that’s the one I would want.” Pritzker and Blagojevich interact as if they are interested in making a transaction with a car, not a government position, and this same power hungry and corrupt individual is looking to become the Democratic nominee for Illinois governor.


Such behavior is an exemplification of why JB Pritzker is not fit for office. He is another heavily connected lifetime democrat intent on producing lengthy regulation that will place a burden on small business and benefit his large companies. Such conspiracy is widespread throughout the democratic party and it is the reason that the state of Illinois has not passed a budget it the last 10 years. Democrats like Madigan and powerbrokers like the Pritzkers have found no need to solve the budget impasse. They merely blame it on Bruce Rauner and the Republicans who have been arguing for fiscal conservatism in the failing Democratic state.

A Spiteful Campaign

The campaign is also built on spite. Documents obtained by the Bilan Report, via WikiLeaks, found that JB Pritzker has held resentment towards President Trump because he believes that Trump “swindled” his family, who is worth upwards of 30 billion dollars, out of money.

This accusation dates back to the 1980’s when the Pritzker family began a partnership with the Trump Organization at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York. However, it was Donald Trump who was likely swindled. In 1993 he filed a civil racketeering lawsuit against Jay Pritzker. He accused the Pritzker family of overstating the hotel’s profits by 1.2 million dollars in order to collect more money from President Trump. The Pritzker family also, according to the Trump Organization, failed to provide documentation for over 7 million dollars in improvements.


Either circumstance would give him ample reason to create a platform that allows him to defame, rant upon, and conspire against President Trump. The long standing feud between the Trump and Pritzker families is obviously a contended issue, but nonetheless provides Pritzker motive on top of the potential benefits his position could receive for his companies while governor.

Real Estate Taxes

Brought to light recently by the GOP of Illinois, JB Pritzker purchased a $6.2 million mansion in the upscale neighborhood of the Gold Coast in North Chicago next door to his larger and more expensive mansion and proceeded to label it as uninhabitable. JB Pritzker’s mansion, which was 6,387 square feet, received an 87% property tax deduction saving the billionaire 87% or $230,000 in taxes in a city with a nearly bankrupted school system.

Prior to this unfolding Pritzker remarked(referring to Illinois taxpayers) “If we want to pay for education we have to step up to the plate.” This is an interesting choice of words considering that he has cost the city, and more importantly the underprivileged youth of the city, $230,000 through evading property taxes. This money could have purchased 2,800 textbooks, 115 computers, or 5,750 school uniforms, but instead it went into the pocket of a corrupt Democratic billionaire who expects others to pay more in taxes while he pays less. Why is it that JB Pritzker doesn’t step up to the plate to solve this problem? According to Pritzker’s campaign it is because it was “a routine appeal” available to any homeowner.


However, this deduction was meant for homes that truly were not fit for habitability and when the home was assessed, the assessors were not permitted into the home because there were already pictures of the home for them to look at. This is highly unusual for an assessor and may be because the Cook County Assessor is the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party. Originally the home was assessed at $6.3 million, but Pritzker’s lawyers negotiated down the value substantially.


Although it is common for the wealthy to take tax deductions such as the one noted above, it also has to be noted that JB Pritzker is a Democrat running as somebody who is looking out for the common man. Clearly, he has his own self interests set ahead of the interests of the citizens of the state. His companies have committed numerous workers violations, he has used his position of power to his advantage, and he has taken a tax deduction in a city with schools desperately strapped for cash.

He is a man of many contradictions and whether you are a liberal or conservative, if you live in Illinois you should approach next year’s election with caution. JB Pritzker is a crony capitalist that has been bred into the Democratic Party. He has a clear resentment towards Trump that is anything but political, and uses laws to his benefit. Voting for him would be a grave mistake for anyone in Illinois. He and Madigan are on the same team. Their own team.


The opinions of this author do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Bilan Report or its proprietors.
















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