Trump Should Just Resign

It doesn’t matter whether your democrat or republican. Conservative or liberal. Whether you like Trump or not, it’s best for all of us that he steps down from office.

It’s not because of his stance policy or alleged ties to Russia. Instead it has to do everything with himself and his impact on the country. He is incapable of leading this country.
You can blame the media, hollywood, and the left in generall for being extreme as they are but Trump brough it unto himself. He decided to run a campaign with no principles or ethics, he turned politics into a brutual support.

Sure politics could get heated before but not to this magnitude. Politicians forst and foremost, were meant to be professional and reserved. Trump is neither.

He has normalized political savagery; all of the rules to keep political discussion tamed is gone because of him.

Politics is now a dogmatic “with me or dead to me” thing. And our republic won’t last long if we do not address this. While he won the electoral college, more than half of this country voted against Donald Trump; their voices can’t simply be ignored.

We need a return to centrism, moderation, and professionalism. Trump is not the man that can do that. For all of us, please step down Mr. President

3 thoughts on “Trump Should Just Resign

  1. Half of the country did not vote against Trump. Two major metropolitan areas, the northeast and the West coast voted for the other candidate. This is why we have an electoral college and not determined by popular vote. We do live in a republic and not a democracy. The opinions of those who live in a small geographical area should not dictate what happens to the rest of those who live in rest of diverse geographical area that is the United States.


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