Elon Musk Will Leave if Trump Revokes Paris Agreement

While press reports say that Donald Trump has already decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, which seeks to combat the effects of climate change, someone close to the president has already expressed his disapproval: Elon Musk.

Musk, founder of Tesla Motors and aerospace company SpaceX, has been criticized for being part of Trump’s business advisory board due to his alignment with the libertarian movement. However, that relationship could come to an end.

Asked what he would do if Trump effectively removed the US from the international agreement, Musk responded: “I will have no choice but to leave counseling in that case.”

Musk said his involvement on the US president’s board of advisers was pushing forward climate change issues.

According to online media Axios, Trump had already decided to withdraw his country from the agreement, signed by his predecessor Barack Obama.

“I will announce my decision on the Paris Agreement over the next few days,” Trump wrote on Twitter, accompanying the message with his campaign slogan: “Let’s make the US great again.”

3 thoughts on “Elon Musk Will Leave if Trump Revokes Paris Agreement

  1. Tbh I agree with Trump on this issue. Studies have shown that the deal will cost us up to $2.5 trillion in GDP loss, 400,000 jobs, and as much as $20k in yearly income for the average family of four.


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