Who is the Main Character of the World?

Just about every novel or story you’ve ever read has a focal character, so everything seems to revolve around them. We love to read about these people because we can empathize with them and share an exciting, new experience. As we return to the real world, we analyze every aspect of their journey, including struggles and lessons, and we apply it to our own lives. However, several questions arise that we must ask ourselves: Who is the main character of our world? Who is the lone savant and person deemed the most important?

There are different ways the look at these questions and different ways to answer them. One may say that each individual is their own main character, and that each individual life has its own story. This isn’t necessarily wrong, as I am the main character of my own life, as you are of yours.

 The events in my life happen to me and I react to them very much like that of a character in a novel. I have specific character and personality traits that set me apart from others. However, every person is like this. I’m not the only life in the world, there are over 7 billion other individuals who are living full and intriguing lives. There are billions of different story lines, which doesn’t help us pinpoint the individual main character in our world, so let’s look at a different perspective.

Historically, there are more individuals that stand out than there are today. Elizabeth I, Dante, Martin Luther, amongst many others, are historical figures that have shaped how our world is today. 

Individually, these people have influenced the direction of humanity in distinctive ways, either because of the way they ruled or because of their beliefs; but then you wonder, “is one more important than the other?” If that holds true, how would we decide between them who is the “main character” of our society?

I think what’s important to remember is not what each person did, but the legacy they left behind for our world today. Mohammad, Jesus, and Confucius, for example, left a massive legacy behind that influence billions still. If you are religious, maybe the main character is Adam, as he is single handedly responsible for all of humanity, being the first human. 

Darwinists would rebut and say that the first human to evolve into what we would call the Homo Sapien is the most important. The conjecture on who it is could continue on for years with no concrete solution.

One thing stands true. You’re here, you’re reading this, you’re coming to your own conclusion. I implore everyone who reads this to do one thing: be your own main character. Every person alive today has the opportunity to change humanity in some way, shape, or form. Either for the better or for worse. You choose your own path, so leave a legacy that you are proud of and that will last us for generations. Don’t be another page in a book, make your mark and become your own novel.

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