Important Life Lesson from Kanye

The Chicago rapper is known for all sorts of antics. Fighting with the papparazzi, accusing the president of disregarding black people, and stealing an acceptance speech to declare who should have won.

Nevertheless, you can’t just dismiss “Ye” as some crazy celebrity (although he may be so). Over the course of his artistic career, Kanye has taught us many things and inspired us with inspiring messages in his music.

One in particular is more relevant than ever. School is bullshit

Kanye had a lot to say about schooling in America. His first three albums; College Dropout (2004), Late Regristration (2005), and Graduation; all dealt with the same theme of being told to put passions second, and this supposed correct path to success, first:

“The name of my album is called The College Dropout,” [Kanye] said of his debut album. “All that’s saying is make your own decisions. Don’t let society tell you, ‘This is what you have to do.’ Society told me, ‘Man, don’t move from Chicago.’ People told me to stay in school, this music is this, this music is that. I listen to John Mayer, and his song ‘No Such Thing’ is exactly what my [philosophy] is about, but in different words.”

 Kanye West via MTV

My favorite song that highlights this is “Good Morning” from Graduation. Yeezy exposes all the misconceptions we have about college.

Instead of being prepared of how to deal with real world know how, we’re just given orders of what to do and comply if we want to pass on.

Good morning, look at the valedictorian
Scared of the future while I hop in the DeLorean
Scared to face the world, complacent career student
Some people graduate, but be still stupid
They tell you read this, eat this, don’t look around
Just peep this, preachers, teach us, Jesus
Okay look up now, they done stole yo’ streetness
After all of that you received this (degree)

The first three lines are especially noteworthy. Often times we think of valedictorians as being the best of the best. Kanye disagrees and the statistics support him.

Often times valedictorians are not prepared for living up to the demands of the real world. There whole mindset is to do whats laid out for them for the grade. A study by assistant proffesor, Karen Arnold found that:Karen Arnold found that:

As adults, most of them are successful, well-adjusted and psychologically healthy, according to Asst. Prof. Karen Arnold (SOE), but in the working world they no longer find themselves at the head of the class.

‘They obey rules, work hard and like learning, but they’re not the mold breakers… They work best within the system and aren’t likely to change it.’

Kanye is saying that exact point. Valedictorians see no reason to go outside the box. They are perfectly fine (complacent) with being a student for the rest of their life.

As I said in my last piece, the importance of succeeding in life is knowing how to create value and follow an entrepreneurial mindset. Ingenuity isn’t taught in textbooks but by skill and creativity

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