Why I am no longer a Conservative

Let me be clear on what I mean, I still hold every view I held before. My beliefs and principles have not changed. What I mean by saying that I am no longer a conservative, is that I am no longer calling myself one. I have come to the conclusion, over the course of the last three to four weeks, that the conservative movement has been corrupted. Partly by conservatives themselves, but mostly by the Trump-cult which is, correctly or not, identified with conservatism.

The sad political reality of the Trump-Cult is this: they are willing to lie, to cheat, to use excuse and violence, and throw away all principles to win. They view power as the ultimate goal. They have adopted the tactics, and in some cases, the ideas of the left. If I wanted to be anything like the left, I would join the left. I stand in opposition to the left because they are wrong, both in their goals and tactics.

In recent weeks, I have seen a trend in the politics of conservatives that I find disgusting and repugnant. This trend did not begin in the recent weeks. In truth, it goes back years and finds its most original cause to the loss of a single or a limited amount of conservative voices. At its peak, the conservative movement was driven by National Review. With conservatism being centralized, it allowed for “control” of the message. Vile views were expelled, as Bill Buckley did with John Birch.

Let me be clear, this is not to say that that past arrangement was perfect. As always, both centralization and decentralization come with good and bad. With the conservative movement’s current arrangement, this site would not exist. I am a benefactor of the new decentralized conservative movement. But so is Breitbart, Mike Cernovich Gateway Pundit, Sean Hannity, One American News Network, Tomi Lahren, and other jokes which propagate the conservative movement. At the same time, the same phenomenon gave us Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, The Blaze, and other commentators and websites which push our ideas in ways that we could not before. It allowed for Milton Freidman, FA Hayek, and others go viral. All of these allowed me to develop to where I am today in my political beliefs.

In truth, I believe these developments have been good for the whole of the conservative movement. But while they benefit the movement as a whole, I think that today they are hurting it. If its current path does not change, I fully suspect that the decentralization of conservatism will cause the death of conservatism.

In recent weeks, as I mentioned earlier, the conservative movement has fallen to the level of conspiracizing, moral relativism, and out-right rejection of truth.

Take the nonsense of the Seth Rich story. As I wrote in another article, many have begun to take his murder and use it as a shield for Donald Trump. All the Seth Rich conspiracy is, is an attempt to defect against the serious and substantiated allegations of collusion between Trump officials and Russia and even, although not substantiated, Trump himself and Russia. Regardless of how senseless and baseless it is, many continue to push it as if it has any substance, and attack those who refuse to carry their lies. While few conservative elites push it, it has taken hold the grass roots—as my comment sections show.

Earlier this week, Ben Jacobs of the Guardian, approached Greg Gianforte, a Republican running in the Montana House special election, and asked him about the revised CBO score for the House Obamacare replacement. Gianforte, in turn, threw him to the ground. The conservative response has been threefold. Condemnation, denial of facts, and celebration. It is the latter two which frighten and disgust me. Multiple witnesses and an audio recording should close an incident but many continue to deny the facts in favor of conspiracizing driven by media hatred. Worse than this, are the ones who celebrate violence against reporters they do not like. After the incident, Gianforte raised almost $100,000. This was the incident which drove me over the line.

Since the primary I have been extolling the virtues of principles. Today, the conservative movement is abandoning the very principles I believe in. It was Ronald Regan once said that he did not leave the Democratic Party, but it was the Democratic Party that left him. Today, the conservative movement is leaving conservatives. We have the same beliefs we have held before, but the movement is changing. I hope that change stops. America is the only major country to house a conservative ideology that is classically liberal in nature. The death of that classical liberal conservatism, would bring about the death of a conservative America as we understand it.

6 thoughts on “Why I am no longer a Conservative

  1. I don’t consider myself a liberal nor a conservative, but my views are much more conservative-ish.
    I just don’t want to put any labels on myself, which sounds very, very idiotic when I think of it.


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