Trump’s Speech to the Middle East was Amazing

Wowza. One for the history books.

President Donald Trump Delivers a Historic Speech to the Muslim Nations

The thing that is so amazing about this speech:

When you see the respectful welcome the Saudis extended to the President and First Lady Melania, when you look at the Arab Twitter from yesterday and see that it was just gushing in praise for the President and the First Family (“Trump’s Daughter” and “Ivanka’s Daddy” (Abu Ivanka) were the top trends because Ivanka took the country by storm – that’s right, a JEW) and when you see in the coverage from Saudi TV how the leaders of the Gulf nations were doing honor to the President

and then you listen to this speech, which was respectful but did not waver in its call for the Muslim nations to take the lead in driving Islamic terror from their cities, their mosques and their countries, because terror, death, and the blood of innocents does not bring glory to God …

and you listen to him lay out his intention to reiterate the message of peace in the modern world first to Saudi Arabia, then to Jerusalem in meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and in Bethlehem in meeting with PM Abbas, and then to the Vatican in meeting with the Pope …

and you realize that the Great Negotiator, the non-Politician might just be the one to cause the Muslim Middle East to lay down their arms and stop persecuting the other as he called them “Abrahamic faiths …”

and you realize that a time of peace where believers have the right to live, and read the Bible, and talk about their faith will complete a prophesied spread of the gospel to every nation on the earth before the return of the Lord Jesus, especially now where the only nations where such gospel is banned are the Muslim nations …

It makes you wonder at the people in this country who call this great man, “President Jackass.” The donkeys, if they don’t stop their insane ranting for a one party totalitarian state where no one will deviate from the approved ideology or else, will show themselves to be the true jackasses.


Via one for the history books – A Little Perspective

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