Seth Rich Conspiracy Nonsense [Updated]

Last week, Ben Shapiro said we need to wait for evidence on the Seth Rich case. This is utter nonsense. No, conservatives should not pause and give conspiracy theory nonsense the time of day. Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, we see discovered “groundbreaking evidence”, and time after time it is shown to be our right false a misrepresentation, or just wrong. If something seems crazy, it probably is. If something is only advocated by internet trolls on 4chan and Reddit, it is probably because there is no evidence for it. Believe it or not, actual journalists want to break groundbreaking stories—if there was actual evidence behind conspiratorial nonsense, they would be on its case.

For those who do not know, Seth Rich is a former Democratic National Committee staffer, who was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Not long after, the dark bowels of the internet got their hands on this story. Instead of letting him rest in peace, they turned his memory into a bludgeon against Secretary Hillary Clinton, and not as a shield for President Donald Trump. They claim, instead of, as the DC police say, a robbery gone wrong, that he was killed by Clinton’s camp because he was the real DNC email leaker to WikiLeaks. The extent of their evidence is this, the robbery does not suffice their standards of what an armed robbery should be, a comment by Julian Assange (a Russian agent), and that is it. Nothing else, nothing even remotely solid.

Can we please stop this nonsense? This BS is not being pushed because anyone cares. Last year, when it was first put forward, it was done as a hit against Clinton. No one cared then. Today, it is used to distract from Trump’s scandals and incompetencies. No one cares about Seth Rich case, leave his family to mourn him, don’t ruin the memory of him, and let the man rest in peace.

Update: I have seen multiple attempts to justify the conspiracy mongering. Let me respond.

  1. I keep hearing people say what happened does not make sense. The problem is, it does make sense. The robber expected Rich to cooperate but he did not. Things went south, he shot him in the moment and panicked. He ran off without taking anything. Here is an example of this type of robbery gone south in another incident.
  2. No, he did not send 40,000 emails to Wikileaks. There is absolutely no evidence for this.
  3. No, the family does not want you to continue pushing this conspiracy theory.
  4. No, YOU should not be “asking questions.” YOU have absolutely no training in solving crimes or access to any evidence. All YOU are doing is causing the family more grief.

Like all conspiracy theories pushed by conspiracy theorists, this has absolutely NO evidence. Not one shred.

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