Atheist Gets Slammed by Christian

Ever get annoyed when Atheists try and make everything about religion? We all do. Recently, Brain at @Capitalist_America on Instagram, set up his account so all revenue he got this week will go to St Judes Hosptial. I advertised this on my page, @_Credible_Hulk.

My most persistent atheist troll decided to try and capitalize off this.


Brain, a recently converted Catholic, pointed out a slight problem with his point.


It is not like it is in his bio or anything.

History also has a smackdown. Although not a religiously affiliated hospital, it was founded by a Catholic. As its founder said, “show me my way in life and I will build you a shrine.”

If you want to help St. Judes Children’s Hospital then see this link.


6 thoughts on “Atheist Gets Slammed by Christian

  1. Are you retarded
    how desperate are you for people to visit your shitty political blog
    You must feel really empowered Roman Bilan!


    1. How desperate are you for attention that you have to create a account, name it after me and take the time to comment. You don’t have to like me, but this obsession with me isn’t healthy.


    2. The humanity in me sees the humanity in you and I honor you.

      Thank you for the opportunity to open my heart and mind and to practice peace.

      I have learned through painful and dehumanizing experiences to remember and value basic humanity in each other always; to participate in all conversations with an open mind, open ear, and open heart.

      Generating anger and hatred nullifies any and all available solutions. It strips us all of our humanity and dissolves the potential for peace and understanding.

      I choose to open my mind, heart and ears to your humanity. I choose peace.

      I encourage you to share your unique perspective and to enter conversations peacefully, even if we disagree.

      My intention is purely to understand and embrace your humanity; to walk into kindness and create a connection that once divided us.


  2. I’m pretty sure when he said, ‘this atheist’ he was referring to himself. Nevertheless I still find it annoying when people try to let everyone know their religious beliefs. “I just gotta let you know I’m an atheist man. it’s so important that you know God is made up. I got tell everyone if it’s the last thing I do! I just love not worshipping things and you have to know and subscribe to my belief system!”


    1. No kidding. Atheists have the craziest delusion that the reat of the world values what they think more than anything else.


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