Why Trump Fired Comey, and What it Shows About our Government

President Donald Trump has officially fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. Much of the world is scratching their heads at this move. Some question it’s timing, while others question what it has to do with Trump’s pending Russia investigation. I call all of that, and this, into question: what does Comey’s firing show about the state of our Government?

The timing of the firing is borderline asinine, if you believe Trump. Our President has done a lot of complaining about the director, even while he still had the job. A tweet May 2nd stating Comey was “the best thing ever to happen to Hillary Clinton” just begins to show the obvious contempt Trump held for the Former Director. So the question remains, why keep him on? Trump obviously liked blaming Comey for various issues, but why didn’t he just fire him early? Conspiracy theorist could have a field day contemplating that question, but I want to keep it simple. Nobody knows why but the White House. Maybe Trump’s an idiot, maybe Comey offered to hold off on the investigation, nobody can answer with any certainty except for Donald Trump himself, which scares me.

What about the Russia investigation? Reports indicate that days before Comey’s firing, he requested more resources to be put into the Russian probe. Now here comes one of life’s long contemplated questions: is Trump an idiot, or is he corrupt? The firing of Comey implies both. Trump didn’t seem to realize that firing the director off, to draw away from the investigation, simply brought far more attention to it than before, and sadly, some legitimacy. Why would Trump fire Comey if for no other reason than to stop the investigation? Maybe we can give Trump the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s firing Comey for the sole sake of not liking him. That still implies, however, that the POTUS was acting as a result of Comey’s continued perseverance into the Russia investigation. Personally, I find that Trump firing him at this stage implies that there is some truth in this whole investigation.
Donald Trump now has the choice of who he wants to replace him within the FBI, which I find the most concerning. He can now just simply find someone to completely ignore the whole investigation for him, whether it’s legitimate or not. This is indicative of a larger issue within our Government. The bureaucracy is an extremely powerful part of it. It chooses which laws to enforce, and deals with everyday Americans as a whole. The President has complete control over appointing heads of every agency within the bureaucracy, and therefore, almost complete control of our enforcement of law. This isn’t what the American people need, our law enforcement can not act partisan, otherwise there is no point of having law at all. I call on President Donald Trump to give the job to someone who is Bipartisan, and not someone who is just there to follow his every whim and desire.

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