Celebrities – Stay in Your Lane, Politics Isn’t For You.

Hollywood is almost entirely left-wing, this isn’t a secret. So why do celebrities act like coming out with their political views is brave? It’s not brave when everyone who you associate with agrees with you, you live in an echo chamber.

Celebrities with political statements in their social media profiles:

Surprising – an actress is prochoice. I think prolife women are over represented in Hollywood anyway.

katy perry

Katy Perry’s Twitter bio contains her entire resume. She’s an “activist” by supporting a candidate who was supported by almost every celebrity, Wall Street firm, and corporation. Our definition of “activism” has really dwindled, hasn’t it?

Emma Watson, who does something for the bureaucratic UN and gets paid millions for being a mediocre actress, attended the Women’s March. I hear women in the Western World are really oppressed, unlike those liberated women in Islamic Nations like Saudi Arabia.

Micheal Moore, who a total of 3 people trust for unbiased and objective political analysis, tweets about the Republican Healthcare plan even though he knows nothing about health, health care, or Republicans.

The bottom line is, Hollywood is out-of-touch. Celebrities, you’re not “brave” for stating your political beliefs, everyone in your echo chamber agrees with you and will pat you on the back. Trump and his supports aren’t racist. And if you spent 5 minutes in blue collar PA, MI, or WI you would understand that. Celebs, stay out of politics, you and your mansions will be fine.

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