12 unpopular opinions

It is easy to be well liked in politics. Just stay inside, as the libertarian Historian Tom Woods says, the “index card of allowable opinion”. Well, I hate that index card. Sure, I have some opinions which fit it, but I also have others which burn it, but they care not necessarily the general index card, but some are the right wing version– beliefs that are heretical to a good right-winger. Being off the card does not mean you hold extreme views but that you hold unpopular views.You can be burning the card while being a perfect centrist as long as everyone is against centrism. Here are twelve views I hold that will trigger any combination of people from the right to the left.

  1. Public schools should be abolished. Let McDonald’s teach students. I bet they would do a better job than the public school, system. In public schools, scores have been flat for decades, regardless of spending levels. At a minimum, we should cut back drastically on spending and abolish the Department of Education.
  2. My ideal government is a Republic in which only those who demonstrate a competent understanding of economics, history and philosophy are allowed to vote and hold office.
  3. I support gerrymandering and strong political parties. Gerrymandering allows for smaller demographics to be represented, instead of being washed out in the larger population pools and limits the influence of large demographics. Furthermore, political parties make sure competent individuals are in power and keep the incentives away from pleasing the people.
  4. I think Senators should be elected by state legislatures. Call me a traditionalist and elitist, but I think the people are terrible at making political decisions. Furthermore, making Senators beholden to people who are terrible at making political decisions makes them beholden to terrible ideas. By having them elected by the state legislature you cut this direct negative influence and replaces it with one to protect the power of the people they work for.
  5. Vaccines should be mandatory, with exceptions. Let me be clear, you have no right as a parent to do something that will endanger your child or another child because you are ill informed. Of course, there are reasonable exceptions to vaccination, such as a religious objection or allergies to the ingredients.
  6. I support a progressive tax. It is not that I want to tax the rich more, the opposite actually, I want them to taxed as little as possible, preferably none, but if they need to be taxed, I think the poor should pay less. The poor cannot afford the hit of taxes, but the rich can.
  7. Minor candidates should not make the Presidential debate stage. We should not waste our time with jokes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.
  8. NATO is a great idea. Actually, it is a great idea. To quote Defense Secretary James Mattis, “values matter in this world. We were, all of us, born here by accident, we live here by choice but we have an obligation to turn these values these freedoms we have enjoyed over to the next generation and the idea that freedom is a natural state is not borne out in history. You’re going to have to defend freedom and you don’t defend freedom by waiting until it’s arrived on our shores. FDR can tell you the penalty for that from Pearl Harbor as we watch the fascist flatten France and bombing England, we stayed on the outside for a long time. Like-minded nations that stand for liberal values, they’re going to have to band together and protect each other and if you want a friend when you’re in trouble then you’re going to be a friend of them when they’re in trouble.”
  9. The US should maintain its military hegemony. In contrast to eleven, I take the hawkish stance here. I will explain, why there.
  10. I support unconditional free trade, even if other countries are putting tariffs on us. The only exception should be military sanctions. The principles of free trade hold even if one side does not follow them. We will still get richer even if they get poorer.
  11. Unilaterally lower our nuclear arsenal to 200 nuclear warheads, 100 nuclear weapons on submarines and 100 land-based warheads. None should be on standby and all missiles should be single warhead. For every nuclear weapon we reduce, we get a little farther from nuclear war by gifting our nuclear rivals with ease. In fact, I would argue that even if we were stuck we should not retaliate. Nuclear weapons are just too horrific. So why conventional forces, but not nuclear? Simple, nuclear forces simply raise the stakes too high.
  12. I support having the government provide free U-Hauls to anyone looking to leave economically depressed areas for economically thriving areas. For example, if someone wants to move from Detroit to Texas Oil Fields they would be eligible for this program. I would also support having the government subsidize rent for people trying to escape poverty as long as they moved to a place where the median income was at least equal to the median income, or another type of qualifications.

One thought on “12 unpopular opinions

  1. Could you please clarify a bit the reasoning for having exceptions on religious grounds with regards to mandatory vaccination?


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