Open Letter to President Trump regarding trade policies

Mike Brodo

Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump,


Are you familiar with this concept that has made the American economy so strong, the American consumer so wealthy, and the American corporation so exceptional?

It seems as though you may need some brushing up. Your proposed plan to impose tariffs and enact a protectionist national trade policy is alarming, pre-20th century in nature, and simply wrong (to which your reply to me is most likely that I’m “wrong”).

I supported you and I continue to do so. I have seen your success as a businessman and admire your beliefs on tax cuts instead of more government regulation. I admire your desire to make the American economy freer and more capitalist (obviously with some government regulation), and your goal to create so many American jobs. I support dramatically lowering income tax rates for the lower and middle classes, and slightly lowering them…

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