Why Le Pen is the wrong choice for France

France lives now in a time of similar division than that of the United States. A new president must now step in the steer the country either to the left side of the political spectrum, or to the right. Emmanuel Macron represents the left under the En Marche! party, and Marine Le Pen serves the right under the National Front in this presidential race. The left and the right both stand in one another’s way, and now it’s up for the people to decide which future seems to be the brightest for their country. However, the decision should be fairly clear. Macron, sadly, seems to be the best choice for the future of France, solely because of Le Pen’s extremist policies that are only popular due to Frances dire situation in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I AM a conservative that falls firmly on the right side of the spectrum. That being the case, I also have to remain objective, as do all who read this article, about what the best decision is. Macron seems to be that best decision, simply because he isn’t the other candidate. Macron has interesting policies, some of which I agree with, focusing on the worker, increasing pensions, and increasing France’s military. Not to discredit the man himself, however, but a lot of Macron being where he is has to do with his opposition.

Le Pen’s extremist policies and France’s place in them are the result of fear by the people of France. Le Pen has captured a side of France that doesn’t want to be hurt anymore, and who could blame her. Since 2012 France has been subject to 15 fatal attacks by foreign insurgents. The French are fed up and tired of the potential danger they are under at any particular moment just because of where they live. Le Pen is using this fear to serve her campaign, and ultimately try to win a presidency.

The thing is, fear is not a good motivator. Le Pen should not be able to rely on incoming terrorist attacks to continue her campaign forward. She should be able rely on her platform to allow her to push her campaign to the next level. However, her current platform is pretty concerning, even from a conservative perspective. She wants France to become an extremely isolationist nation. I can agree with exiting out of the EU, however she wishes to exit out of NATO, which helps to protect France from some of the oppression she says she wants to end.

Economically, she’s even scarier. She wishes to very quickly in her presidency, change the currency of France from the euro the “nouveau franc”. While generally, this is expected with an exit of the EU, this transition would not be easy on the French people, and could lead to inflation on the part of the French economy for an increasingly large amount of time. She also wishes to end new free trade agreements with other countries. This is a horrendous idea for the people of France, and would serve to harm the economy even more.
Life under Le Pen seems to be closer to a police state ran by fear, and not by an actual understanding of how the world works. Sadly, Le Pen is a bad example of the what the Right and Conservatives stand for. Fear and terror is nothing to base a campaign off of, and I implore the people of France to look past her supposed solutions to end French terror attacks, and analyze the individual planks of her platform. Find out what she stands for, past the showboating and empty promises.

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