What Lil Uzi Says About Today’s Music

The entertainment industry gets a lot of flak by conservatives for various reasons. From normalizing lustful behavior, to promoting drug usage; mainstream music has broken taboo’s that go against values such as charity and temperance, with greed and gluttony, so they say. It is these values that have caused our generation, millennials, to fall into moral relativism and secular lifestyles.

No mainstream genre has received more criticism for this than rap; or as Mona Charen at the National Review calls it:

A symbol of the decline of the West if ever there was one

Vilified by social conservatives for it’s explicit lyrics, gang affiliation, and violent nature; conservative pundits have long seen rap as the epitome of the immoral melody poisoning our youth.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t speak of all rap artists as some may believe. Kendrick Lamar, Mobb Deep, and Eminem are some examples of how much depth rap music can convey. But what about those others who do glorify lewd and depraved content, i.e., the trap artists? What do they say about our generations society?

We Crave Escape

Lil Uzi Vert is the incarnation of hip-hop’s new youth mainstream, the center of the trap rap Snapchat generation gap (Noisey)

Look no further than Lil Uzi Vert to find someone who embodies mainstream culture. His songs like Money Longer and You Was Right have tens of millions of views. And his music is as generic as it gets.

His lyrics are all about having lots of cash, doing drugs, owning fancy cars, getting chicks, and not mention millennial cliches like “ignoring the haters”  and “live and let live” lifestyle. The best part is, he even raps about all those things in a single verse!

Yah, it do not matter
Turned to a savage, pocket got fatter, she call me daddy
Smokin’ that gas, gone off that Xanny, she on the powder
Nowadays I am on, my haters got sadder
Money got longer, speaker got louder, car got faster
Turned to a savage, pocket got fatter, she call me daddy
Smokin’ that gas, gone off that Xanny, she on the powder
Nowadays I am on, my haters got sadder
Money got longer, speaker got louder, car got faster

(Money Longer)

This is what tens millions of millennials across the country enjoy listening to: a guy bragging about how he’s richer than us and has ho’s getting high off cocaine. Are we just succumbing into degeneracy?

Maybe, or some are at least. But I wouldn’t say for most, there is also something underlying that we don’t often realize.  The real question we should be asking actually is why do we care so much about material pleasures?

It’s because we are stressed. We’re stressed about our education, about our future, about the jobs we’ll have, and what others will think of us. We are told we need to go to college for four years and make a great living, then all our problems will be solved.

Yet our high youth unemployment and crushing college debt, it is no surprise that we long for an easy going lifestyle where neither money or education is an issue. Trap is just our escape from reality where you can just do what you want without any worries.

Even Uzi is Stressed

This thought occurred to me when I first heard the Philly rapper’s latest hit, XO TOUR Llif3, which was different compared to his usual style. To sum it up, it basically goes like this:

Hello, I got myself into an abusive relationship with a girl I knew was gonna be trouble. Now I want to end it but she’s threatening to commit suicide if I do. I started taking Xanax because I believed it would make the pain go away, but instead it gave me an addiction which is now causing me a lot of financial and health problems. On top of that my success has gotten other rappers to steal my musical flow. All of this has been so stressful me and now I might just kill myself.

This isn’t the Uzi that we thought we knew. He’s supposed to have the perfect lifestyle of just getting high and making money. But even he goes through the same problems we do, and looks to the same (wrong) solutions that we do.

So what does Lil Uzi say about today’s music?

It says that we have a lot of economic and social problems that stressing irritating us. We just want to relax for a change. So we turn drugs and alcohol, and as a whole, we start to care only about the now, and forget about the future for once.

Jefferey Tucker has also found a similar conclusion by examining the meaning behind 21 Pilots, read that here

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