Riots Escalate – Three More Dead in Anti-Socialist Protests

On Monday, three Venezuelans were left dead, putting the total death toll since the start of “Mother of All Marches” to twenty-four. SBS reports:

“Several others were seriously injured and “between life and death,” said public defender Tarek William Saab.

The latest casualties come on a day anti-Maduro demonstrators blocked major roads in the South American nation.

Two government trucks in eastern Caracas were set alight on a freeway by masked protesters who poured oil on the road. Police nearby did not immediately intervene, AFP journalists saw.

Elsewhere in the capital, riot police fired tear gas at another group of protesters who threw stones at them.

However, the majority of demonstrators, who numbered in the thousands, rallied peacefully.

According to the preliminary investigations of the Office of the Prosecutor:

“Sulbarán was in the vicinity of the Campo Elías viaduct on Avenida 16 de Mérida, when he was shot in the neck allegedly from nearby residences. In addition, six other people were injured … For his part, Rodríguez Roda received a gunshot wound to the chest when he was in the vicinity of the municipality of Bolivar de Barinas. Also, another person was injured.”
On the other hand, there are at least four seriously injured who are still fighting for their lives.

With the economy rocked by rampant inflation and continuing shortages of staples and consumer goods, it is not clear whether Hugo Chavez’s successor can maintain his power for long.

(More about the Venezuelan revolution)

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