13 Articles to Become a Smarter Conservative

In our war with the left, knowledge is key. Hearts and minds will not be won with half-baked arguments and rants from Tomi Lahren. We win because of conservatives like Ben Shapiro, who challenge the left and articulate a coherent message of conservatism. Building the knowledge to do this comes from years of study, but you can start today. Here are twelve articles to build your knowledge in every arena in just a few short minutes.

  1. Every advocate for states’ rights, federalism, and localism have been asked “what about slavery?” We were all thought that states’ rights were an institution cooked up and used by evil Southerners to protect their slaves. But what if this is wrong? In this article by Adam Freedman in City Journal, you will learn how it was the North that used states’ rights to fight slavery and the South that used the federal government for slavery. How is that for a chaser?
  2. Let us shift gears and talk about economics. In an article for the San Fransisco Federal Reserve, University of California, Irvine Economist and Hillary Clinton supporter David Neumark, gives a fantastic overview of the minimum wage research. You can read it here.
  3. Keeping on the subtopic of economic analysis, we all know how Bernie complaints about economic inequality. The elephant in his rhetoric is that inequality is not a problem. Here is why.
  4. This is not as much of an article as it is an interactive graph put together by Wall Street Journal economics reporter Josh  Zumbrun, from Urban Insitute data. It will help you a ton when your Bernie supporting friend tells you that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.
  5. This blog post by economist Don Boudreaux, spells out another truth about the inequality debate. It is not about relative wealth but about absolute wealth, and the vast majority of Americans are wealthier than John D. Rockefeller was in 1916.
  6. If you have not read and understood “I Pencil“, you will not be able to make a strong case for free market capitalism. This short story from Leonard Reed makes it clear what makes capitalism superior to every other economic system.
  7. In the age of Trumpism and Populism, every conservative needs to know basic economics to defeat economic illiterates from the left and the right. This is a great run down on economic growth and tradeoffs from the great economist Scott Sumner.
  8. Another myth of the left is that “government drives innovation”. This Wall Street Journal article looks at this claim in the realm of medical innovation. I bet you know the result.
  9. Let us move on from economics and onto a less controversial topic– racism. You know those implicit bias tests the left likes to use? The same ones Hillary Clinton used when she called every American racist? Well, in a completely unsurprising twist, it turns out they are complete bullshit. As explained here, they fail every standard in Psychology to be taken seriously.
  10. Let us keep things interesting and talk about sex. This article here will demolish the left on their men and women are the same myth.
  11. From vaccines to GMOs and even to 9/11, some segments of America have a problem with expert opinion. Harvard professor and conservative foreign policy expert will make the case here for respecting the difference between experts and non-experts.
  12. You know how you implicitly know that the current year argument is dumb? Rely on your gut no further, here is the run down on why that argument is trash.
  13. Our education system sucks– this is no secret; but did you know why we are terrible at teaching something as basic as the difference between facts and opinions? No wonder we think morality is subjective. Let a philosophy professor set you straight with this article.

In the battle for truth, our only arms are knowledge. We need smarter conservatives to fight the radical left.

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