Donald Trump’s Contract With the American Voter: What He Broke and What He Kept

During a campaign speech in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Donald Trump laid out his agenda for the first 100 days of his possible presidency. Then candidate Trump promised eighteen specific actions as well as ten legislative goals, you can read them all here. Today, we are 100 days in and we can see what was kept and what was broke.

  • Propose constitutional term limits
    • Result: Lol no

This amendment has not been proposed.

  • Hiring freeze on all employees
    • Result: Was done but was walked back

Early in his administration, President Trump did sign this as an executive order but Office of Management and Budget said that the administration was turning the program back but would still require agencies to have more restraint in hiring.

  • Repeal two regulation for every one new one
    • Result: Done

This was done by executive order in the opening days of the administration.

  • Five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyist
    • Result: Done

This executive order in the opening days of the administration.

  • Lifetime ban on former White House official lobbying on behalf of foreign government
    • Result: Done

This was included in the executive order mentioned above

  • Complete ban on foreign lobbyist raising money for US elections
    • Result: Nope

This has not yet been done

  • Announce intention to withdraw or renegotiate NAFTA
    • Result: Kinda

Technically, the administration did announce their intentions but nothing concrete has been done yet.

  • Withdraw from TPP
    • Result: Done

This was one of the first things Trump did.

  • Label China a currency manipulation
    • Result: LOL NO

As hard as Candidate Trump went on this promise, I find it extremely ironic that he completely flipped on this– and in a tweet no less.

  • Identify unfair trade practices
    • Result: Kinda

An executive order was done ordering their identification. I put this under kinda because nothing concrete has come from it.

  • Lift restrictions on energy production
    • Result: Done

Done via an executive order.

  • Allow Keystone XL
    • Result: Done

This was done by removing Obama era roadblocks.

  • Stop funding UN climate programs
    • Result: No

This was mentioned in the administration’s blueprint budget but no action has been taken.

  • Cancel all of Obama’s unconstitutional executive action
    • Result: No

He has undone only a few Obama executive orders and not big ones like his unconstitutional immigration actions.

  • Replace Scalia
    • Result: 100% Done

This promise was completely kept. As of now, this is his only permanent achievement.

  • Cancel funding to sanctuary cities
    • Result: Kinda

The administration is moving in that direction but nothing has been done yet.

  • Remove two million illegal immigrants
    • Result: Kinda

Enforcement has stepped up but nothing close to two million people has happened.

  • Suspend immigration from terror prone countries
    • Result: Somewhere between done and kinda

This was accomplished via the infamous “not banning Muslims but we are going to call it a Muslim ban” order. It is currently in litigation.

But these were not Donald Trump’s only promises like I said above. He also promised ten legislative goals. Then candidate Trump promised legislation from repealing Obamacare to tax reform to increasing tariffs to child care. Only one of his major proposals was brought up but that went down in a massive flop.

In his first 100 days, President Obama passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act, expanded Child Health Insurance, passed the Stimulus, and got an appropriations bill through. Going back eight years, President Bush Jr got 1.6 trillion in tax cuts and No Child Left behind. Through his hundred days, nothing that president Trump has done, outside Justice Gorsuch, is permanent. Everything he did can be undone. In the first 100 days, by the goals he set, it is hard to argue his Presidency has been successful– it would be far easier to argue it has been a failure. Though 100 days, it is hard to argue he is anything better than average.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Contract With the American Voter: What He Broke and What He Kept

      1. Roman Bilan, No. There was republican control of both houses, but most of the republicans in 2016-2017 chose to ally themselves with the enemies of freedom, especially in regards to Healthcare. While John McCain lived, he should have been more honest with his constituents and registered as a democrat. People need to realize that the primaries are the most important part of an election and there are a lot of swamp parasites who just like power and put the R next to their name only to get votes (or because they like the military.) I for one am glad most of them resigned and have not considered reelection. Politics is better with the RINOs.


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