Ocean-Floating Cities in the Near Future?

Most imagine mankind’s next colonization to take place out on the final frontier, and some companies, like Mars One, are on their way to do so, but it could take nearly two decades or even longer before we successfully see galactic colonization. Libertarian millionaire Elon Musk, and his Space X are also in the game for space travel but one of his famous business partner has his eyes set on something more aquatic.

Back in 2011, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, invested $1.25 million in an ambitious project that would create floating, and autonomous colonies out there in the oceans.

Spearheaded by the Seasteading Institute, this libertarian concept is out to establish freer societies upon the seven seas.

The Friedman Connection

Milton Friedman was the famous Chicago School economist who championed free markets and economic liberty against government intervention. His son David, went a step further, and made the case for anarcho-capitalism as the highest form of economic liberty and efficiency.

Now, the third generation of the liberty family has put his forefathers words into action. Unlike them, Patri Friedman did not go into academia, but was more interested in working in the technological field.

After quitting his job as a computer engineer at Google, Friedman took seasteading as his full time job.

Related image
Founded in 2011 by the grandson of Milton Friedman, the Seasteading Institute wants to build floating cities on water

The Seasteading Institute is the biggest “F U” to all governments of the world. It’s goal is to create societies on unincorporated waters, outside the boundaries of any national laws. This project has attracted lots of libertarian and anarchist supporters, but the trickier part has been getting investors.

Thiel Backs Out

In a NY Times interview, Peter Thiel stated he will no longer continue his involvement with the Seasteading Institute. Citing technical issues, the billionaire believes it will be a long time before we see floating cities happen.

“They’re not quite feasible from an engineering perspective… That’s still very far in the future”

– Peter Thiel

But this setback has not stalled seasteading’s development. Thiel’s comments came just as the Institute announced it had an agreement with the French Polynesian government to explore creating sustainable islands off the coast.

Accordingly, the pacific nation will allow the creation of an “innovative special economic zone” that can operate under an unique governing framework.

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