The Venezuelan Revolution against Socialism

One thing I have always regretted being too young to miss was the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Baltic Way, or when Moscow started down communist hardliners. I would have loved to see free men and women defend their right to be free and throwing off the chains of socialism. In my time, we have had similar instances, although often less successful, and less epic. Today is different, and I literally mean today. Over the last three years in Venezuela, we have seen tens of thousands of protesters come together time and time again. Sadly, over fifty people died, another 5,000 injured, and thousands more arrested. Today topped the past three years with the “Mother Of All Protests”. Today’s protests ranged anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to even millions. Here are pictures from today and this week.

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But, then again, we all know Venezuela is not REAL socialism.

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