Feminists Complain about Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret’s annual “#WhatIsSexy” campaign has the company battling accusations of racism, for some reason.

This year’s winners include models from Instagram. Plus, celebrities like Taylor Swift, actress Vanessa Hudgens, and This is Us star Mandy Moore.

what is sexy

what is sexy 2

what is sexy 3

As you can see, almost all the winners are “white and skinny”, which, according to feminists, is bad for some reason.

And here are the complaining social justice warriors, defending obese and ugly women everywhere, because we want to see hairy lesbians in lingerie, right guys?

Mr. Sington, are you implying these women aren’t sexy and are only winners because they’re “young, thin, and white”?

Were these not voted by users on twitter, are their opinions invalid because you disagree?

This isn’t the first time Victoria’s Secret has been accused of racism, last year The Huffington Post called the “#WhatisSexy” list “an arbitrary roundup of the ‘sexiest’ lips, legs, hair and eyeballs among women in the fashion and entertainment industries.”

Apparently, women shouldn’t be white, skinny, or sexy, because that’s racist or something.


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