Best Action Sequences on the Big and Small Screens

This is a change from my usual content but I thought it would be a fun change of pace to something more enjoyable. Where are my ten favorite “fight scenes” in movie and TV history.

1. Arrow season 1 had some great fight scenes. I think the best one is clearly the hallway fight scene in episode 21 where Oliver saves Walter Steele.

2. Arrow season 1 had another great fight scene in its first episode but it also paid homage to it in episode 1 in season 5.

3. Batman vs Superman’s quality is debatable but it did have some great sight scenes. The best of these scenes was when Bruce Wayne saved Martha Kent from Lex Luthor’s forces in the warehouse.

4. Batman v Superman had another great scene in the Batmobile change which ended in the first Batman and Superman confrontation.

5. Switching to another Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises chase scene where Batman appears after hiding for years was great. I do not know if it counts as an action sequence but I am counting it anyway.

6. Switching from the DCEU to the MCU, we can find another great movie in Captain America the Winter Soldier. The elevator fight scene was great.

7. The follow-up to the Winter Soldier, Civil War, was a great example of how leftists changed the original comics from being anti-government during a Republican Presidency to a pro-government field during a Democratic administration. Regardless, the airport fight scene was great.

8. The Star Wars prequels were a massive disappointment but they provided some great action sequences. Were any better than the master fighting his former apprentice? Or the most powerful light side user fighting the most powerful dark side user? No.

9. Star Wars did not forget to include great fight scenes in their TV shows. The Clone Wars had an amazing fight between Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offerman after Anakin found out that it was Barriss who framed His Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, for the bombing of the Jedi Temple. The finale for season 2 of rebels, also provided a great fight scene with Ashoka fighting to avenge her fallen master by trying to best Darth Vader. This scene was made multiple times better when Anakin overpowered Vader for a brief second.

10. In my opinion, the greatest fight scene was provided to us last year in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story. The ending scene gave us something never had before on the big screen, why Darth Vader was so feared. He effortlessly cuts through rebel soldiers on his mission to discover the Death Star plans. The CGI rendition of Princess Leia tying the movie into A New Hope made a great scene even greater.

There are many great scenes outside these few but these are my favorite.

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