Science Proves Conservative Women are Hotter

This should not be a surprise. Anyone who pays just a little attention to politics can see that conservative women are far more attractive than liberal women. Recent research has shown that this is not just conjecture but has a basis in reality. The theory goes like this, women who have better looks tend to be more anti-egalitarian/right-wing than other less attractive women. As the Atlantic pointed out, attractive people earn more votes, more money, and are seen as more trustworthy and likable. Given this, it should be no surprise that they are less inclined to support taking other people’s stuff for themselves as past research has shown is a motivation for leftists.

A study published in February found that “politicians on the right look more beautiful in Europe, the United States, and Australia”. Similarly, a 2014 study found that the more attractive a person perceived themselves to be the more right-winged they would be. Lastly, a graduate study by a UCLA student found “female politicians with stereotypically feminine facial features are more likely to be Republican than Democrat, and the correlation increases the more conservative the lawmaker’s voting record”. The same UCLA study found that the relationship was so strong that you are able to predict with accuracy the political affiliation of a politician simply based on looks.

17 thoughts on “Science Proves Conservative Women are Hotter

  1. As someone who generally disagrees with you, I normally find your pieces interesting reads as potent arguments from a different perspective. This piece just isn’t up to your standards. First off, none of the evidence provided in this article lets you draw any wider conclusion about conservative and liberal women in general. Every study only discusses politicians, and the conclusion could just have easily been that conservatives are more sexist and will only vote for women on the basis of their looks rather than ideas or qualifications. On top of that, lines like “as past research has shown” without sourcing the claim and the generalized conclusion of “Anyone who pays just a little attention to politics can see that conservative women are far more attractive than liberal women” is very poor form. As a general fan of yours from across the aisle, I have to say that I’m disappointed.


  2. I cannot believe this is considered worthy of reporting. Frankly, this absolutely doesn’t matter. Why can’t you report on what is important, Hulk?


    1. Because it’s interesting, entertaining, brings views and most importantly, we live in a free society that says (as hulk pointed out to you) he can post what he wants on his own blog.

      By the way hulk, first comment of mine on anything you posted, just wanted to say that I love that you always report the truth, no matter the politics around it. Dispite the fact that I vote right, I like that you don’t go easy on right-wingers who lie or screw up, and do the same to the left.

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