Day 1 at CPAC

Sadly arrived at 7:00pm but here are my thoughts for the two hours I was there. 

  1. It was the most diverse gathering of conservatives I have ever seen, especially in age. The only time I see more young conservatives together is at Ben Shapiro and Milo Yanninppolos events. 
  2. A TON of people. Pretty sure we doubled the size of DCs conservative population. 
  3. I hears Vice President Mike Pence speak in person once before when he visited Greenville North Carolina. Like then, Mike Pence proved to be a great speaker on behalf of conservative principles. But like then, the thing is, the person he represents is not a conservative. This has been a constant thread around the Trump administration. He does not act or speak particularly conservative but the people around him do. It will be interesting to hear his speech tomorrow. 
  4. Buzz words and lies. I heard a lot of buzz phrases like “you the people” and “globalism” but I also heard plenty of talking points which simply are not true. The biggest one that I heard is the notion that Trumps victory was historic. In reality, it was one of the smaller ever. 


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