On Mike Flynn and the Intelligence Community

Mike Flynn resigned this last week from being the National Security Advisor after the intelligence community leaked documents showing that he had discussed removing the sanctions on Russia during a phone call with a Russian diplomat. Apparently, he then lied to Vice President Pence about doing so, causing the VP to repeat claims that Flynn had not discussed the sanctions in the call. This is probably the reason Mike Flynn resigned. Not the call itself, but lying to the VP.

Now, you might be confused as to why Mike Flynn’s phone calls were being monitored by our intelligence community. Well, they weren’t. The Russian diplomat’s were. Mike Flynn, as the former head of the DIA, should have known this. Either he knew this and didn’t care, or he is the dumbest person in the entire intelligence community. If the first, then it shows the height of arrogance. If the second, he is no more fit to be the National Security Advisor then me. Hell, I would know not to bring up sanctions in a call with a Russian diplomat, if only because I wouldn’t want to lose my job.

This also begs the question: Why lie to Vice President Pence about it? Maybe the actual discussion is not a huge deal, maybe it is. Why would he feel the need to lie about it is beyond me, especially considering that he in all likelihood knew that the phone call had been monitored. Whereas even if he didn’t know, he shouldn’t lie to the VP about that kind of thing.

However, I must also address the act of leaking itself. I’m a staunch opponent of Wikileaks and a proponent of the Intelligence Community in this situation.  How can I do that and be logically consistent? Well, I would say that motive matters. Were Wikileaks solely motivated by a desire to have openness in government, and it was not a Russian front, then I would probably support it. However, as it is, I cannot support it. The Intelligence Community, on the other hand, exists to protect America and her secrets. When it leaked this sensitive information, it was an attempt to defend America from an outside threat it views to be “inside the Situation Room.”

If that last link does not scare you, nothing will. Our Intelligence Community is withholding information from the President. I am not sure this is a good idea, because it might A. Result in purges or B. Make the President less effective at fighting terrorism. However, it shows how much distrust there is of the President, even within his own intelligence community.

I personally take the side of the Intelligence Community, but I might be wrong to do so. I trust the Intelligence Community for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean they’re infallible. Either way, no matter whose side you take, remember this: “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” Maybe, just maybe, these are good men attempting to do something.



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