Samantha Lahren and Tomi Bee: What’s the difference?

Who’s loud, obnoxious, and extremely disrespectful to disagreeing view points? Depending on where you are on political spectrum, either Tomi Lahren or Samantha Bee was one of the names that popped into your head. It shouldn’t be surprising that they can be described with the same adjectives, there’s really nothing that separates these two when it comes to their attitude: “You’re against abortion? Well you’re just a privileged misogynist Rep!” or “You’re against standing for the national anthem? Well you’re just an anti-american privileged football player!”

These two are the embodiment of what’s wrong with American politics; political correctness vs patriotic correctness. And both are a very real problem.

I did not like how Collin Kapernick protested. To me it wasn’t the best way to convey the message of social injustice against the African American community. But the fact that Tomi had the audacity to tell him he was “a whiny, attention seeking, cry baby” for silently and peacefully protesting is absurd and hypocritical.

For one, she’s the one whining for not standing! For Tomi the nation is immune to criticism, all of our past injustices don’t matter because we’re still a “free country”. Without a doubt this is the greatest country on earth but that doesn’t mean we should have blind nationalism. And even more hypocritical she blasts BLM for rioting but when someone decides to peacefully protest it’s still too much for her.

Then there’s the cancer on the left, Samantha Bee. The day after the election Samantha’s segment was filled both fear-mongering and race baiting:

This isn’t good for anyone, our democracy just hoked up a marmalade hairball and the whole world is watching.

Ah yes, because the candidate I did not like won a fair and free election with a smooth transition of power, our whole democracy is now in shambles. Because of one candidate! Forget about our municipal elections, our state elections, our senate and house elections; my preferred presidential candidate lost and now we’re gonna turn into a dictatorship.

It’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people…

63% of white men said if I can’t be in charge then burn it down, which surprised exactly no one. And a majority of white women faced with the historic choice between the first female president and a vial of weaponized testosterone said ‘I’ll take option B’

It’s whitey’s fault, they’re just a bunch of racist misogynists; that explains why 49% of males and 43% of whites voted for Obama in 2008. Clearly they always overwhelmingly voted against people who are non white males. And white women, shame on you for not voting for someone because she has the same genitalia as yours.

The sad part is that these people, due to their strong media influence, that they cause deep divisions in our country. One makes the other side look like they’re whiny, entitled, anti-patriotic brats. The other portrays them as rancorous racists and misogynists. And because of that, us the influencee do the same (and the anonymous nature of the internet has only made this problem worse).

But we know that’s not true. People voted the way they did for a variety of reasons and they only had two (awful) choices, you can’t assume “people came out in droves” to oppress minorities. In fact that’s not even true as this was an election with one of the lowest turnouts in 20 years.

So what do we know? Two things:

  1. Stop watching people like Samantha Bee, Tomi Lahren, or any other sjw and nationalist bullsh*t
  2. Recognize the fact that an overwhelming majority of all kinds of people just want what they think is best for the country, not that they hate certain values or groups of people. Work to build positive change not negative contention

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