The Left’s Only Tactic – Bullying

I was inspired to write this article when after a discussion, where I was the one being attacked, the individual whom with I was debating said I was “harassing” them. There was no harassment, only a bombardment of facts, logic and data. This is when I realized that everything written in Bullies by Ben Shapiro  was true. When confronted with basic information, the left’s response is self implosion. They literally have no argument.

In order to make themselves feel better about themselves, they call you names and proceed to undermine you and your character. No better example exists than the constant use of the term “racist” by the left. That argument about black crime – you’re racist. That argument about cops not ruthlessly slaughtering black people in the streets – you’re a white male, you don’t understand oppression. Wage gap is a myth  – actually you’re a sexist. Don’t want churches being forced to have gay weddings – homophobe.

Lets define “bully”


gerund or present participle: bullying
  1. use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

These arguments fall perfectly in that definition. People on the right typically aren’t okay with attacking the character of a person they’re debating, the left loves doing this. Calling someone rude, mean or racist isn’t an actual argument. It’s the left’s attempt to silence you, as no one wants to be called racist or any other insult.

Calling someone a name, or attempting to smear their character as a response to an argument is definitionally bullying. The left wants all opposition silenced because they’re dying, they have no facts, data or logic to back up any of their claims.

Next time a leftist calls you a name, or says you “harassed” them expose them for what they really are – a bully. A bully with no argument.

(For more on Leftist Bullying read Bullies by Ben Shapiro)

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