21 Things that Actually Went Right Under the Obama Administration

I was going to do 101 things I thought Obama did right but I struggled to get this many.

  1. Helping destroy the Democratic party
  2. Killing Osama Bin Laden
  3. New START treaty with Russia
  4. Warming relations with Cuba
  5. Extended Bush tax cuts
  6. Reversed Bush torture policies
  7. Began the Asia Pivot
  8. Continued negotiations of TPP
  9. Began to negotiate TIPP
  10. Free trade with South Korea
  11. Interest rates began to rise
  12. Killed the Shuttle program
  13. Answered questions at the first online town hall from the White House
  14. Pushing back ISIS
  15. Real median personal income recovered
  16. His reaction to Russian interference in our election was better than nothing
  17. Arresting 10 Russian spies in 2009
  18. Letting states legalize marijuana
  19. His handling of the transition has been gracious and like statesmen
  20. To the extent that they have supported our NATO allies and Ukraine in light of Russian aggression, that was right.
  21. Obama considered enacting a “no first use” policy for nuclear warfare. 
Note: Do not interpret everything in this to mean it is because of Obama

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