Libertarian Globalism

Many people have this belief, libertarians especially, that America should not interfere in other countries’ affairs because what happens in say, Libya, does not affect American citizens. However, this is a flawed argument in theory because what happens in your neighbor’s house doesn’t affect you, so you shouldn’t stop him from raping someone in his house. In practice, it doesn’t hold up either, because we live in a globalized world. Tariffs determined by China’s government affect US corporations and the chain of industry. A law in Iran forcing women to wear head scarves forces US women that are CEOs of major US corporations to wear head scarves while they are negotiating for a deal with an Irani technology company.

Another argument that is made is that it violates the principle of self-determination to destroy a tyrannical government by force. Well, by-in-large, libertarians believe people are yearning to be free because it’s human nature. Therefore, no one truly wants a tyrannical government, they just don’t have the means of fighting tyrants.

I have presented the arguments against libertarian globalism. Now I present my argument for it. Libertarians believe that rights are inherent to humanity and that any government that violates rights is illegitimate. The only way to prevent governments from violating rights is to protect them universally. Otherwise, we allow tyrannical governments that violate rights to fester and spread.

This is just a brief introduction to the arguments for and against libertarian globalism, but perhaps I have presented it in such a way that makes you rethink your positions.

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