9/11 Conspiracy Debate (Video + Opening Statement Text)

Here is my debate with @capitalist_america against a 9/11 truther. One of the truthers never showed up.

Here is my opening statement.

First off I would like to thank my opposition for debating me. It has been over 15 years since the events of that September day and in those 15 years the 9/11 quote on quote truther movement has failed to provide a smoking gun. They have failed to prove evidence that explosives were used. They have failed to prove anything other than a plane was used on the Pentagon. They have failed to convince more than a few hundred architects and engineers out of the tens of thousands in the United States. For 15 years they have justified their baseless movement on grounds of just questioning and the vast majority, if not all, of their questions have been answered.
Let me establish some facts.
1. There is NO evidence of explosives being used. Thermite is by far the most common explosive promoted by conspiracy theorists but thermite residue was not found in the dust of 9/11 when independently tested.
2. The Twin Towers DID not fall at free fall speeds rather it took 15 to 20 seconds for them to fall. Conspiracy theorists create this false narratives by counting the time it takes for the bottom most debris to hit the ground but the debris is falling faster than the building itself. The bottom most debris do fall at free fall and they pass they are lower than where the building is collapsing at and this phenomenon proves there was no free fall speed.
3. A plane hit the Pentagon. Not only was debris found but people were a plane hit the Pentagon. At least 45 witnesses reported seeing a plane and described it with words like: ‘airliner’, ‘big’, ‘silver’, ‘roaring’, etc. At least 23 specifically said they saw an American Airlines jet. Not one person reported seeing a military plane or missile. Unless my opponent wants to insinuate that the evil jew illuminati built a cruise missile to look like Boeing 757, the facts stand.
4. The Chief Architect of the Twin Towers, Leslie Robertson, agrees with the official story.
5. Prior to 9/11, fighter interceptions by NORAD were neither common nor quick. In the decade prior to 9/11 only 1 plane was intercepted by NORAD and that took 1 hour and 22 minutes.
6. The collapse of World Trade Center 7 has been 100% explained. For a more in depth explanation I suggest reading the Structure Magazine article on the subject. In short, the collapse of the towers knocked a critical support out causing the interior to collapse first then the entire to crumple in which is supported by the video evidence,
7. WTC7 did NOT fall at free fall. If you count from when the Penthouse collapsed to the end it was well beyond free fall time.
8. The Twin Towers were designed to take a smaller plane, going slow while descending to land and the fuel load was not even considered. The pane that hit the towers was bigger, going faster and had a full fuel load. The fact that the tower stood as long as it did is a testament to the creators of it.
In the end the reality is this, not only do conspiracy theorists lack the evidence to prove their most critical and important points but they have been actively refuted.
Lastly, to quote Chief Architect of the Twin Towers Leslie Robertson, ““We had designed the project for the impact of the largest airplane of its time the Boeing 707 the 767 that actually hit the World Trade Center was quite another matter again first of all it was a bit heavier than the 707 not very much heavier but a bit heavier but mostly was flying a lot faster and the energy they put into the building is proportional to square of the velocity as you double the velocity four times the energy triple the velocity eight times the energy and so forth and then of course with the 707 to the best of my knowledge the fuel load was not considered in the design and indeed I don’t know how it could have been considered but and with the 767 a few load was enormous compared to that of the 707 it was a fully fueled airplane compared to the 707 which was the landing aircraft just absolutely no comparison between the two”. To reiterate the ending, “absolutely no comparison between the two.”
Again, I would like to thank my opponent for debating me and remember 9/11 was an outside job.

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