S**tposting on trade compilation


I was on Instagram and noticed a protectionist making protectionist arguments and I ended up s**tposting refutations for them. I did bring up some good points and here they are.


You can literally lower labor costs by whatever standard you want. Manufacturing jobs WILL continue to disappear for the same reason most manufacturing jobs are disappearing now. Robots don’t need a paycheck.


1. US manufacturing output has never been higher.

2. The only argument for tariffs is that it will “bring back” us jobs. If you think our manufacturing sector needs protection you need to be introduced to facts.

3. Boeing should make the best business decisions for Boeing and not decisions to appease your retarded economic nationalism.


1. This type of economic illiteracy only makes sense if you have the economic literacy of a pecan. The lowering of prices seen through free international trade lets business and individuals spend on goods they otherwise would have not been able to buy otherwise. If you think making goods more expensive is a such a good idea then I assume you support raising the minimum wage?

2. The trade balance has literally no relationship to personal expenditures.

3. The middle class is disappearing because it is moving into the upper class.


Oh my god. Read any economics textbook written in the late 100 years. Read the Wealth of Nations. Learn about comparative advantages. If you’re going to spout 18-century mercantilist nonsense then go back to the 18 century.


America imposes more protectionist measures than any other major country but even if other countries are pursuing protectionist policies then they are shooting themselves in the foot. Protectionism is doing to ourselves what we do to our enemies in war. Someone should tell the federal government to lower terrific to punish Iran instead of putting up sanctions since that will only boost their economy.


>Offer living wage for making a cheap t-shirt
>Bring down labor costs
>Pick one and learn basic economics
>Help our economy
>Impose tariffs
>Pick one and learn basic economics


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