Rogue One: A Star Wars Review

You have been warned for spoilers


The hype and nerdom were real for this move. Maybe that is why it was an overall disappointment in my books, but that ending scene was nothing less than glorious.
The movie started off poorly but as it progressed it got noticeably better. Maybe it was just me, but the opening was by far the worst part of the movie but it quickly got better. While the first act was forgettable the movie found its stride during the first Death Star test, the movie never looked back. From fantastic Easter eggs (highlighted and allusions to Obi-Wan Kenobi and an appearance by Grand Moff Tarkin) to action scenes and plot twists.

While the first act was forgettable the third act was amazing, the second act was ranged from good to great. While it found lows on the platform scene (which, to be clear, had bright spots) the highs from the council meeting onward outweighed the average.

What kind of review would this be if I did not talk about the third act? It was established before the movie was released that it underwent extensive reshoots and that clearly paid off. The interlocking space battle, ground scenes, and heist fit perfectly and kept you on the edge of your seat even though you knew the ending and that ending was fantastic. To call it a fight scene would be too generous to the rebels. It was a complete slaughter by Darth Vader and that was everything I wanted. Going into the movie the biggest desire I had was that scene and it delivered. In the end, I would argue this ending was easily the best two minutes of any Star Wars movie and of the greatest, and if I may dare, the greatest, final two minutes of any movie I have seen. Of course, the scene with Princess Leia afterwards tied Rouge One and A New Hope together perfectly.

I have to give one last commendation to the movie; they killed off all the main characters. That is something few movies have it in them to do and even fewer superhero/action movies do. They successfully tied the final loose ends in the stand alone flick with some of the best kill-off sequences of all time.

All in all, this movie was a 7 out 10 without the final two minutes, but a solid 9 out of 10 with it.

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