Resources to Use

After the 206 election the left began to freak out over #FakeNews. While for the most part this was just an excuse to attack anything the left did not like, there is serious fake news problem. Here are the sources I trust to deliver me reliable news and fact based perspectives.
Reporters to follow:
Anderson Cooper- CNN
Jake Tapper- CNN
Brianna Keilar- CNN
Benjy Sarlin- NBC and MSNBC
Megan Kelly-Fox News
Shepeard Smith-Fox News
Breit Beair-Fox News
James Rosen-Fox News
Jennifer Griffin-Fox News
Catherine Herridge- Fox News
Sharyl Attkisson- Daily Signal
McKay Coppins- Atlantic
Michelle Fields- Huffington Post

Websites to follow:
The Atlantic
Fox News
Washington Post
The Blaze
Daily Beast
Daily Wire
Daily Signal
The Federalist
National Review
Daily Caller
Buzzfeed News
The 20commttie blog
The Hill
National Journal
War is Boring
War on the Rocks
Cato Institute
Manhattan Institute
American Enterprise Institute
Brookings Institute
Foundation of Economic Education’s Freeman Magazine

People to read:
Thomas Sowell
Walter Williams
Ben Shapiro
John Schindler
Tom Rogan
Tom Nichols
Ross Douthat
George Will
Kevin Williamson
Michale Malice

Facebook pages to follow:
Unbiased America
Being Classically Liberal
The Sensible Liberal
The Modern Libertarian
The Socratic Catholic
We Are Capitalists

Podcasts to listen to:
Uncommon knowledge by the Hoover Institute
The Federalist Radio Hour
The Ben Shapiro Show
The Tom Woods Show
The CATO Daily podcast
War College by Reuters
Free Thoughts by
The Buck Sexton Show
Intelligence Squared debates
The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast
WSJ Opinions: Potomac Watch podcast

Twitters to follow:

Best leftists and liberals to follow:
Kristen Powers
Paul Krugman
Slate’s The Gist podcast

Sources to never take seriously:
Russia Today or any other Kremlin owned media outlet
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity


While I do trust these sources and think they are great, you should always be skeptical and double check the news. You also need to remember no source is perfect and they all have their bias. Even the great ones can put something out that you think is 100% crazy or wrong but you have to judge everything on the whole or find the parts of something that is good.
I’ll add and remove from this list as I see fit.

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