12 Crazy Ideas Which Might Make America- and the World- A Little Better Place

1. Let people buy votes for their candidate from other voters. If that is too extreme for you maybe you would be n with this idea: everyone gets a set number of votes and they can allot them however they want.
2. Make vaccines for all fatal diseases mandatory and not vaccinating your child should be treated as child neglect (of course exceptions to religious beliefs and medical exceptions).
3. Let Congress only be in session in DC for 50 days a year. Force them to go back home. If they need to vote on a bill or hold a committee hearing they can do it on Skype.
4. Have one Representative for every 100,000 people and return the elections of Senators to State Legislatures.
5. Allot electors in Presidential elections either proportionally or by Congressional District (the two Senate electors would be allotted based on the state popular vote).
6. Kick all the federal departments, except for those involved in international relations and domestic security, out of DC and closer to where they are relevant. For example, the VA should be in Florida and the Department of Agriculture should be in Nebraska.
7. Unilaterally end all tariffs.
8. Unilaterally lower our nuclear arsenal to 200 nuclear warheads, 100 nuclear weapons on submarines and 100 land based war heads. None should be on stand by and all missiles should be single warhead.
9. Diplomacy over militarism. Coalitions over unilateral action.
10. Build nations along ethnic lines. The French should be in France and Ukrainians should be in Ukraine. Of course this can only be a general rule. Pockets of Frenchmen in Germany should be under the German State and places like America, which is ethnically mixed, should not be made to be or pretend to be nation-states.

Added on 12/10/2016

11. Have the government provide free U-Hauls to anyone looking to leave economically depressed areas for economically thriving areas. For example, if someone wants to move from Detroit to Texas Oil Fields they would be eligible for this program.

12. Create economic freedom zones in economically depressed areas (like Detroit) where state and national taxes and regulations do not apply.

4 thoughts on “12 Crazy Ideas Which Might Make America- and the World- A Little Better Place

  1. I’m with you on most all of these, but why would you have congress return home for most of the year? I don’t really see the benefit. And as for the vaccine thing


    1. Sorry, commented too early. As for the vaccines thing I don’t think it should be illegal not to vaccinate your kids, but I don’t necessarily think they should be allowed around people


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