A Letter to Donald Trump

President Elect Trump,
Congratulations on your victory to Hillary Clinton.
From the beginning I opposed your candidacy because I thought you would expand the federal government, further centralization in Washington and in the executive while ruining whatever brand conservatism has left. I pray that you will prove me wrong. I want you to be a success. I want you to appoint three or four solid textualist justices to the Supreme Court. I want you to shred taxes, stop the importation of illegal immigrants and get a hold on regulations. I want to see you drain the swamp and double growth. I think you can. With a Republican controlled Congress I believe you have the opportunity. Please capitalize on it.
Sadly, I do not believe you will. I believe that the debt will explode under your administration. I think you will curtail the Bill of Rights and continue the shredding of the constitution. I think Washington will continue to get more powerful and the other two branches will continue to become more submissive to the executive. I see America’s reputation will be ruined abroad and corruption to live in the White House. I think you will cause the Supreme Court to be lost for generations and become the biggest stain on conservatism.
Thankfully, you have proved me wrong before. So far you have made many good and excellent picks for your cabinet and executive office and those have outshined you bad ones.
As Ben Shapiro wrote, “I pray fervently that Donald Trump proves me wrong about him as a man… I do not think Donald Trump is a good man, let alone a great one; I am concerned that he is not a conservative, that he will fail to fulfill his promises, that he will focus on useless fights, that he will engage in counterproductive ones.”
Please. I want to be wrong. Please prove me wrong.
The Credible Hulk

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