Trumps Cabinet

If Donald Trump is serious about being a great President then here is what I think his cabinet and advisors should look like. Those what are bolded are the ones I am most supportive of.
The Cabinet
Defense Secretary- James Mathis or keep on Ash Carter
Secretary of State- Rand Paul
Department of Homeland Security- Senator Tom Cotton
Attorney General- Governor Greg Abott of Texas or Representative Trey Gowdy
Secretary of the Treasury- Representative Paul Ryan or Steve Menuchin
Secretary of the Interior- Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama
Secretary of Agriculture- Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee Mike Conway or Texas or Senate Committee of Agriculture member Joni Ernst of Iowa or Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller
Secretary of Commerce- Mitt Romney
Secretary of Labor- David Neumark
Secretary of Human Services- Martin Shkreli (this is just to piss of the left)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development- Senate Committee of Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chair Richard Shelby of Alabama
Secretary of Energy- Harold Glenn Hamm
Secretary of Transportation- Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Transportation Brandye L. Hendrickson or Minnesota University Professor David Levinson
Secretary of Education- Neal McCluskey or former Chancellor of DC Public Schools Michelle A. Rhee
Secretary of Veterans Affairs- Michael Tanner or Avik Roy or Sally Satel
Cabinet Level Positions or other Important Positions
Chief of Staff- Kelly Ann Conway (the pick of Reince Priebus was a good pick)
Press Secretary- Milo Yiannopoulos or Kelly Ann Conway
National Security Advisor- Tom Rogan
Director of National Intelligence- John Schindler
CIA Director- Retired Admiral William H. McRaven or keep on Director John Brennan or promote Deputy Director Avril Haines or promote Deputy Director David Cohen
NSA Director- Keep on General Keith Alexander
Director of Budget Management- Former Governor Mitch Daniels
Trade Representative- Scott Lincicome
Ambassador to the United Nations- Tom Nichols
Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors- Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams or Angus Stewart Deaton
Federal Reserve Chairmen- Scott B. Sumner
Supreme Court nominee- Mike Lee
People who should never be in his administration
Steve Bannon (sadly it was announced while I was writing this that he would be an advisor)
Retired General Michael Flynn
Sheriff David Clarke
Former Governor Sarah Palin
Of course these are not necessary the most realistic but this is a solid list, especially at the main positions.

2 thoughts on “Trumps Cabinet

  1. My Libertarian friend would disagree with you about Rand Paul. And I am glad to see my good man Tommy Sowell on this last. (Apparently it isn’t showing that I already commented on this.)


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