I was Wrong

I was wrong and this is my mea culpa.
I thought Donald Trump would sink Republican hopes in the Senate, House and on the state level. I was clearly wrong. Republicans did great while Trump outperformed all the expectations I had. We will have a Republican Senate, a Republican House of Representatives and a Trump White House. Trump destroyed what I thought the electorate would be, now I hope he will destroy what I think his Presidency will be.
But more importantly I thought he was fundamentally unelectable, even against Hillary Clinton. Clearly, he was electable and I was wrong. He won and this shocked me. I thought by 8:30 this election would have been called for Hillary. At 10:00 this election could of went anywhere from a Trump landslide to Hillary landslide. By midnight had was on the cusp of victory.
I underestimated the power of the white working class to will a candidate to national victory. I overestimated the negative attitude towards Trump by Hispanics and African Americans and the effect it would have. Trump did what Mitt Romney did with almost every demographic in the exit polls and overperformed with African Americans and Hispanics. I thought he would underperform in almost way. He did not.
So yes, I was wrong but I do NOT regret my opposition to him and would do it again in a heartbeat. I was wrong about his electoral chances, and maybe he will surprise me again, but I do think his election makes the country worse off.


Update at 11/09/2016 at 2:35 pm
After further reflection and taking in more evidence, I think it is more accurate to say that, contrary to what I thought, Trumpism did not animate minorities, women and democrats to the point where they would overwhelm the Trump coalition. It was not that the white working class overwhelmed Trumps coalition but that the Democratic coalition underwhelmed the Trump coalition.

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