Lyin’ Roy

Lyin’ Roy Cooper

Ad #1 “Raise you hand”

Roy Cooper’s “Raise you hand” ad is stacked with misleading information, but that’s not any different than any of the other commercials his campaign has put out. The first lie is Pat McCrory has raised taxes. This is so blatantly false Roy Cooper must be taking tips from Clinton’s campaign staff. The tax rate for filing single for years 2009-2013, depending on your income, was 6%, 7% (+ $765), or 7.75% (+ $4,072.50). In his first year as Governor, Pat McCrory lowered the tax rate to a flat tax of 5.8%, less than the previously lowest quintile under Democratic Governor Bev Purdue. For years 2015 and 2016 the rate has even been reduced to 5.75%. Therefore every year McCrory has been in office he has reduced taxes. [1]

The second lie is that Pat has only given tax breaks to the rich. Not only is this statement and the latter contradictory, it is too, false. A flat tax covers all quintiles of income. The 5.75% for the top is the same for the bottom. [1]Either Roy Cooper doesn’t understand the flat tax or he is knowingly misleading the public. Would you want either as your governor?

This last statement is again false. Real median household incomes for Jan 1, 2013 was 47,149. From 2013 to 2014 incomes did see a minor decline to 46,838. Although from 2014 to 2015 incomes rose $3,959 to 50,797, its highest point in over 10 years. [2]
Ad #2 “Take Back NC

Gutted education-There are several claims in this video that McCrory has neglected education, letting it fall to the bottom of the country. Let’s get the facts straight here. The Cooper Campaign states that the average teacher salary I’m NC was ranked 25th nationally, but now is 42nd. They blame this on “strenuous tax cuts gutting education”. But each year McCrory has been in office he has increased teacher pay to its highest point in NC history [3] and education funding. So how is this possible? The previous governor,Democrat Bev Purdue, is why. During her term she lowered teacher pay by almost $3,000. [4] But under McCory teacher pay is now at $50,000 and rising. [3] Also, education funding has increased every year he has been in office. Let’s look at his proposed budget this year. A 5% increase for teacher salaries plus a 3.5% bonus and 5% bonus for veteran teachers. Two million dollar program for attracting new teachers in STEM fields. New competitive programs to enhance school effectiveness. It connects all school classrooms with Wifi and provides a $6,000,000 program for new special needs students.[3] But funding isn’t everything. What else has McCrory done to enhance education? In his first year of Governorship he provided for better competition among schools. He implemented a system which rendered teacher contracts based on performance and funded scholarships for parents so they could pay for private tuition. [5] Indeed Cooper’s claims are ridiculous.

Made voting harder-This is now a common attack against Republicans. Voted ID law requires you must show some form of ID, whether it be passports, employee ID or directs license, when you show up to vote. Objectively this is not racist in any aspect whatsoever. But somehow Democrats have made it seem that way. They claim it will block Black or Hispanic voters from having a say in there government. To any rational person this is baloney. Proof ID shows you are a citizen in this country. So what the left is suggesting is we should allow non-citizens to vote in our elections. But why would they allow that? Because the massive amounts of new Hispanic voters that have illegally crossed into the country and the huge numbers of blacks that do not have ID. Leftists are not trying to defend voter rights for minorities, they’re using the minorities for their own agenda. Also, it’s very simple to obtain an ID. Go to the DMV, have proof of insurance, proof of residence, and pay $15. Literally that’s it.

Made healthcare harder-The argument here seems to be that McCrory denied families’ rights to healthcare. Well first off lets get one thing straight, you don’t have a right to healthcare, just as you don’t have a right to own a car or anything else. You have the right to pursue those things, but you do not have the right to the fruits of others’ labors. This is the fundamental cornerstone to private property and free individualism. That being said, McCrory didn’t block anyone’s rights when he rejected Obamacare in North Carolina. They still have opportunity to go out and buy their own plans. Now do course the argument still stands that healthcare is too expensive and the ACA is there to give the poor healthcare too. Well this too, is false. As we’ve seen since the implementation of Obamacare, premiums and rates risen upwards of 20%. According to a Brookings Institute study, ACA premiums raised 24% higher than they would have if they followed trends, and another study found that from 2014-2015 Obamacare raised individual rates by 69%. In fact ACA rates are now higher than employer plans by 22% Specifically over the past few months we’ve seen Obama’s legacy implode on itself after numerous big time healthcare companies, like Humana and UnitedHealthcare have dropped it, and many more are on their way. So McCrory actually attempted to save many North Carolinians from a disastrous system.
Unemployment benefits – The story is that McCrory rid unemployment benefits as a way to reduce government dependency and make the dependents find jobs. What caused the outrage was that McCrory had reformed the UI, or unemployment insurance for North Carolina. After the recession and slow recovery NC had a huge debt and unemployment problem. The State of North Carolina owed Washington $2.5 billion in debt in order to fund UI. Even the unemployment claims center was a disaster. Only 5% of incoming phone calls were picked up and from a study done in 2012, only 12% of those receiving benefits were legally eligible. So being the rational people they were, the republican general assembly, alongside Governor McCrory reformed UI with outstanding results. The UI reformation bill cut benefits size, and duration to below 26 weeks. In result the Federal Unemployment Commission stopped sending funds to NC, allowing the growing debt to stop and begin payment back to the Feds. All debt from this programs was paid back in May this year. This debt burden gone allowed the annual tax cuts which relieved the business owners and the middle class. Business owners saved hundreds of dollars per employee letting them spend that money in other areas such as investing in new projects or new employees. This and the fact that dependents were no longer leaching off the government lead to a significant decrease in unemployment from 9% to 4.7%. Now of course the argument is that “people don’t leach off the government” and “cutting benefits won’t help them find a job”. Literally no economist agrees with that, even Paul Krugman, the most degenerate modern economist besides Noam Chomsky, even wrote in his book, “Public policy designed to help workers who lose their jobs can lead to structural unemployment as an unintended side effect by reducing a worker’s invective to quickly find a job”. Most Americans in poor situations don’t even work at all. Only 2% of Americans living in poverty work full time and 63% don’t work at all. So in reality the UI reform cut a massive debt problem and had a significant role in decreasing unemployment.







This was written by P.L. who can also be found @_Southern_Conservative_ on Instagram. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the rest of the writers or the blog as a whole.

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