Comments on Trumpkin Arguments

1. Hillary is worse and if you do not support him you are helping to elect Hillary Clinton.
I agree Hillary is worse but you have to be able to point to more than Hillary Clinton. If the Republican Party nominated someone exactly like Hillary Clinton but had one better position should I support them? In the California Senate race you have the Democratic Attorney General running against a Democratic Representative. One is certainly going to be better than the other. Does that mean right-wing Californians should vote for one of them?



2. He will destroy the two party system
It is very possible he could destroy the Republican Party but he will not destroy the Democratic Party and that would leave leftist’s completely unopposed. The Republicans may be cowards but at least they do something if only little.

3. The Republican Part never wins
Really? Sure they generally suck but they do some good. They stopped gun control after Sandy Hook and Orlando. Spending as a percentage of GDP is on the decline. School vouchers are expanding. We saw them fight against Obamacare and expand gun rights. In my state of North Carolina, they are on track to end the income tax, they paid down debts and limited unemployment insurance.
Are they brave thanes constantly charging into combat for their constituents? No but they do something.

4. We, as a nation, never win
Except in the Gulf War, trade, Cold War, World War 2, Revolutionary War, the Olympics, and in the median wage.

5. We are losing on trade
Why? Because we have a trade deficit? I will let you in on a little secret. A large trade deficit is not a bad thing. You have massive trade deficits with every store you shop at. It is actually a sign of how rich we are.
China produces t-shirts, trinkets and low-level electronics. We produce jet engines, petroleum, medical equipment and other high end electronics. See the difference. Sure you cannot see “made in America” on the medical equipment which saves your life but you should not care about that.

We shifted from low wage manufacturing jobs and to high wage manufacturing jobs. You can see this in manufacturing wages. They have almost doubled since 1950.
If you think having people make minimum wage to produce t-shirts is the key to prosperity, you are delusional.

6. Immigration
Immigrants- both legal and illegal- are actually good for the economy. They actually complement US labor by doing low-skill and high-skill jobs which the US labor force does not do (we are medium-skill).
Economists find that, on average, previous waves of immigrants tended to boost American wages. In fact, studies have shown that immigration has caused small but positive gains in wages of American-born workers of between 0.1 percent and 0.6 percent between 1990 and 2006.”

“…immigration has a positive net effect on native employment while offshoring has no effect on it.”

Our results provide evidence of migration contribution to host economic prosperity (positive impact on GDP per capita and negative impact on aggregate unemployment, native and
foreign-born unemployment rates)”
7. He will fight political correctness
No he will not. In case anyone has not noticed Donald Trump is not really politically incorrect. He just acts like an asshole and says he does not have time for political correctness. Political correctness and basic human decency is not the same thing. Calling a woman fat and ugly is not politically incorrect; it is just a POS thing to do. Saying the wage gap or rape culture is a myth is politically incorrect. Notice the difference.

8. The Supreme Court
Donald Trump will not appoint textualist and originalist nominees. At best he will give an olive branch to the base and attempt it before being meet with opposition then switching them out for a moderate.

9. The polls are rigged against him
No, no they are not. The polls showed him winning from the summer and accurately predicted most of the primaries. Trumpkins have no evidence to support the claim that the polls are rigged. Furthermore, why are they rigged now? Why they were not rigged against Bush, McCain or Romney? In 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 the polls were right. Romney supporters had the exact shame argument and they were proven wrong.
Setting up false expectations does nothing but set up disappointment.

10. #NeverHillary
I am also #NeverHillary. That does not mean I have to support Donald Trump.

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