The story of A Leppo

Oh Gary, did you blow it or what? In the most unfavorable election of all time the Libertarian Party had a chance to finally receive a good portion of the vote, or even win. Three candidates arose for the Libertarian Convention in late May. Of the three: one was accused of Murder and fleeing to a foreign country, one was a decent Governor, and the last was actually an alright candidate, Austin Petersen.

Gary Johnson. Governor of New Mexico was their choice. Immediately his campaign was riddled with rumors of him throwing away Austin Peterson’s gift in the trash after the convention, but this quickly dissipated leading to a somewhat successful summer camping until September 8th on the “Morning Joe”. He was asked a simple foreign policy question about the refugee crisis in Aleppo. The Governor replied with “What is Aleppo?”. At this moment the Libertarian Party had lost all hopes of winning anything, wether it be the presidency or the Debate stage. Many rushed to defend him pointing out that most American’s don’t know what Aleppo is either. Well most Americans can’t name the first president of the United States. Not to mention Johnson is running for president, not only of the US, but of the entire free world. This is material he needs to know.

His next gaffe was during another interview with Chris Matthews. The question this time was “Can you name one world leader that you respect?” Johnson couldn’t think of one except the former president of Mexico, of which he could not remember his name. Johnson even said “I’m guessing I’m having an Aleppo moment”, basically meme-ing himself on live television. Although there were many critics who attacked him on this, the question wasn’t all that fair for a Libertarian. Finding a foreign leader that a non-interventionist, small government minded Libertarian could respect in a world like today is a challenge. He cleared this up today during a interview with Neil Cavuto.

Many conservatives and libertarians have criticized his governorship of New Mexico, but without good reason. During his time as Governor, he surpassed the national record of vetoed bills. Any small government proponent should respect this as it stops government encroachment into people’s lives. He supported tax cuts and spending cuts, which he did have some success with. He stood against Bill Clinton in the government shutdown of 1995, He supported school choice, and he was highest American in power that supported ending the prohibition of Marijuana. Gary Johnson was definitely a right leaning governor despite many criticisms.

There have also been rumors of Gary Johnson supporting left wing polices such as a carbon tax and gun control. Actually, those a false. Correct, Gary did propose a carbon tax, but three days later he found it to be an “impractical theory” and completely abandoned it. Bill Weld, Johnson’s running-mate, brought it skepticism after he implied AR-15s and handguns are “problems”. During the rest of his statement Weld provided evidence that he had little to no knowledge of firearms. Weld might be Anti-gun, but Johnson isn’t. In a CNN interview, “All these atrocities have been happening in gun-free zones,” he declares. “If there were law-abiding citizens that were carrying weapons — I’m not saying they would lessen the impact of these horrible atrocities, but maybe, maybe they could.” reports that Johnson is sternly against gun control and he even championed concealed carry in a interview.

Poor Gary Johnson has had his mess-ups which might cost him the debate stage, but he is a good minded libertarian. He is underprepared for the highest office in the world and rumors have destroyed his campaign. His poor judgement has ruined his party’s chances. It’s disappointing to see how much potential the LP had this year for it to be wasted.

This was written by P.L. who can also be found @_Southern_Conservative_ on Instagram. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the rest of the writers or the blog as a whole.


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