101 Reasons to Oppose Donald J Trump

1. He is a liar. Politico counted that in a series of rallies he lied on average every five minutes.
2. He claims to have been a vocal critique of the Iraq war. He is on the record of supporting it.
3. He said Hillary Clinton “went above and beyond everyone else” as Secretary of State.
4. He gave $100,000 the Clinton Foundation and 10 donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign for Senate and 2008 campaign for President.
5. He described Hillary Clinton as “very talented” and a “wonderful women”
6. He won’t touch the entitlement state.
7. He wants to spend 500 billion of infrastructure.
8. He is a protectionist
9. He wants to weaken NATO.
10. He is surrounded by cronies of Vladimir Putin.
11. He is supported by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, North Korean dictator Kim Jun Un and former KKK leader David Duke.
12. After being endorsed by David Duke he denounced it but later claimed he did not know who he was and refused to denounce it. He knew who David Duke was.
13. His campaign manager grabbed a female reporter, almost lulled her to the ground, bruised her and lied about it. He lied for him.
14. He has given support to the scientifically discredited anti-vaccination movement.
15. He was pro-choice. He has offend no convincing evidence he has had a change of heart.
16. He has 5 abortion positions in 3 days.
17. He spread rumors than Ted Cruzs father killed JFK, that he had a affair with five women and attacked his wife.
18. He cannot handle comments on the size of his hands and, um, lower extremities. How can he handle high level diplomacy with enemies?
19. He reportedly asked, multiple times, why he cannot use nuclear weapons.
20. He does not believe he needs a lot of forgiveness.
21. He has had multiple affairs and bragged about them.
22. His ex-wife accused him of rape.
23. He told the New York Times he will not build a wall, a key point of his campaign. He would not let the NYT release the transcript which would disprove this.
24. He wants to make the US military a gloried mercenary force.
25. He wants to expand libel laws.
26. He mocks disabled reporters.
27. He does not know what the nuclear triad is.
28. He rails against the TPP but does not know China is not in it.
29. His RNC speech was filled of things government should do. He has never talked about what it should not do, free markets or any other American value.
30. He will not take nuclear weapons off the table for Europe.
31. Trumps political donations

Trump - Donations chart - March 7 2016.jpg
32. He previously proposed the largest tax increase in American history.
33. He wants to deport 11 million people. The lose of 11 million workers would certainly put us in a recession.
34. He supports increasing the minimum wage.
35. He does not know what the Supreme Court does.
36. He does not care if the Senate is controlled by Republicans or Democrats.
37. He wants to use the IRS to target political opponent.
38. He has threatened political opponents.
39. He lies about how much he wins.
40. He says he was cheated every time he loses (see examples with Iowa and Colorado).
41. He does not know how to pronounce Bible verses, suggesting he is not a practing Christian.
42. He tweeted a Mussolini quote.
43. Trump thinks Barack Obama literally founded ISIS.
44. -1x-1.jpg
45. Lied about his companies still being in business
46. He literally makes shit up
47. He is connected with the mob
48. He was cheated workers out of pay
49. Banks will not loan to him because he does not pay back his loans.
50. He’d date his own daughter
51. He appeared to not know who Abraham Lincoln is
52. He wants to spend tens of millions to primary members of his own party who will not openly and explicitly support him
53. He literally calls people names like a five year old
54. Opposed HB2 which kept Charlotte from forcing business to let grown men pee pee next to little girls.
55. Trump used BLM lines
56. Donald Trump has supported single payer in the 2016 cycle.
57. Donald Trump supported the war in Libya
58. People who support him always end up lying for Donald Trump.
59. He wants to target civilians
60. Donald Trump has a history of supporting gun control
61. Donald Trump will explode the deficit
62. He thinks eminent domain is “wonderful”
63. He thinks his left wing and pro-choice sister would be “phenomenal” on the Supreme Court
64. He wants to fund Planned Parenthood and thinks they do wonderful things. In all fairness he did not include abortion in this.
65. He thinks we are entitled to jobs.
66. He will order the American military to violate the Geneva convention and torture prisoners.
67. According to his Daughters into speech for his RNC speech he will get universal daycare and fix the mythical wage gap.
68. He is a con artist
69. He thinks we should be take resources from other nations. “Keep the oil”
70. He is the face of the birther movement
71. He borrows the phrases of authoritarian dictators by saying he is the voice of the people and he is they only person who can fix our problems.
72. He is so delusional he thinks he can make a sovereign nation pay for something.
73. He confused 9/11 with 7/11
74. His camp scrubbed anti-Russian aggression language in the Republican platform
75. He hired Paul Manafort who was on the payroll of multiple authoritarian regimes
76. He has no problem with trade wars
77. In the last full week of August Donald Trump came out in favor of amnesty then back peddled. As Rich Lowry tweeted, “If Trump can blithely shift on a signature issue what does it say about justices pledge, when no pretense of caring about constutionalism?”
78. He could destroy any future right wing coalition.
79. He will not pick textualist and originalist justices for the Supreme Court.
80. Thought Obama was doing a really good job.
81. He opposes privatizing the VA.
82. He will not give a plan to defeat ISIS. Remember how that turned out last time?
83. He won the lie of the year from Politifact.
84. He wants to make deals and that mean he will sell you out.
85. He is fine with democrats taking control of the Senate
86. He eats fried chicken with a knife (seriously. Who the hell does that?).
87. He takes the National Enquirer seriously.
88. He thinks we need to borrow more money because it is not like the debt is over 19 trillion.
89. He encouraged his supporters to attack protesters.
90. He bans reporters he does not like.
91. He thinks he knows more than actual Generals. Talk about arrogance.
92. He thinks he can force a sovereign state to pay for a wall or he is lying about thinking he can do that.
93. He thinks two of the three most important roles of the federal government are health care and education.
94. He has given support to anti-vaccination nut jobs.
95. He thinks thousands of Muslims were dancing in New Jersey after 9/11.
96. He wants to treat Israel equally with the terrorist state of Palestine.
97. He does not understand comparative advantages
98. Listen to hardcore Trumpkins. It is worship and that is dangerous.
99. He opposes cutting social security.
100. He supports the Patriot Act.
101. He does not even think he will win

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