Why Donald Trump will Appoint Leftist Justices

“The list. He gave you a list. What else do you want? It’s the list!” I hear a lot about Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees and that because it is a good list, and it is a good list, I should support him to save the Supreme Court. If I thought he would hold to the list I probably would support him to save the court but here is the thing. I don’t trust him to use the list. At best Donald Trump will provide a starter nominee from the list and watch them fail only to replace them with a moderate consensus pick. A equally likely option is he just skips the conservative opening pick and goes straight to the moderate opening pick. Either way, originalist and textualist views of the constitution lose.
I am sure Trump supporters are moaning at this point. I am sure that they are thinking that this is just my hatred of Trump is blinding me (ignoring the fact that I have defend him when he deserved it) but keep reading and let me lay out my case.

A well-known fact about Donald Trump is that he lies, a lot. In March, Politico found that during a series of rallies Donald Trump lied every five minutes. He has cheated on his wife’s and bragged about it. He has failed to pay debts, pay contractors and ignored key terms of a deal after making it. He said we donated millions to Veterans charities but when the Washington Post checked they found he did not. To save time, check out this article here listing 101 lies by Donald Trump. The reality of the situation is simple, if Donald Trump lies so mush why would he not lie about the list? Hell, he backtracked on amnesty. These were the two most basic promises of his campaign. If he would lie (or if you want to be charitable, change his mind) on those why would he not lie on his list of Justices?

Donald Trump also makes deals. I know his supporters think that is a good thing but let us understand the implication of that. He will be more than willing to sell out his supporters and promises in order to “make deals”. Now I am sure many of you think that I am fear mongering but remember that Donald Trump is okay with a Democrat controlled Senate.
Maybe you think my case is weak and that is fine. I laid out my argument and I will let you take what you want from it.

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