The Relationship between Gun Owners and Intellectuals


Over the past eight years the argument over firearms has in the US exploded into a fierce debate between the left and the right. The left has touted again and again that firearms aren’t safe, especially after mass shootings. They have stood on the graves of the dead so they can push their totalitarian agenda. They have thrown out logic and reasoning and replaced it with false facts that appeal to the masses. That leads to the point of this article: to explain the relationship between intellectuals and gun owners in this debate and to dispel the massive amount of myths about guns.

Something beautiful has happened in the wake of the gun debate being expanded in the past decade. Something that Jefferson, Madison, and the other founding fathers dreamed of when they added the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution. That one day the rights would protect and fight for each other. And that is exactly what has unfolded today. The Founders originally designed the second amendment as a way to protect the other rights against government attempts to restrict them. They figured a populace that was armed had the ability to defend itself from encroachments on its rights. No government would try to enslave a people that had an arsenal at its disposal. But what wasn’t so obvious is the importance of the first amendment in defending the second. The statist has today started to try and abolish the second amendment. Instead of the gun owners defending the writers and activists, the opposite has occurred. Now the intellectuals must defend the gun owners and their right to bear arms. Economists, senators, and constitutional lawyers alike have risen up to defend the second with the first. This has created the beautiful, circular relationship between gun owners and intellectuals. The gun owners threaten the government with armed revolution if they attack free thought and the intellectuals defend the gun owners right to bear arms through their right of press, speech, and petition. If this balance remains steady the right to free thought and the right to bear arms will not be infringed.

1. Guns aren’t used in self defense.

The biggest argument for guns is self defense from other humans and governments. So the statist’s response is say that guns aren’t used in self defense. They did so in a study by the Violence Policy Center. The infamous study by the left wing group “found” that only a few thousand times were guns used in self defense. They also found every 1 time guns are used for a justifiable homicide that 32 innocent people die. Now these are ridiculously low estimates. There are over a dozen other studies that range the amount of self defense actions involving guns from 500,000 to 3,000,000. Also the VPC study only includes the FBI’s number of justifiable homicides, not legal defensive homicides. Since justifiable homicides are only a minority of all legal defensive homicides, the numbers very misrepresented. So the numbers are much higher than the leftists will admit. There is even more evidence that guns are used against and threaten crime: “A study of imprisoned criminals found that 40 percent had decided not to commit one or more crimes for fear their prospective victims were armed. Also, the rate of “hot burglaries”—home invasions while the residents are at home—is much lower in the United States, where residents with guns are common, than in England, where guns are almost entirely outlawed.” [1] Also something important to note is that not all self defense incidents are not reported. Without a doubt guns are hugely beneficial in stopping crime.

2. Government Tyranny is Implausible

Leftists and Statists believe the government to be a good hearted machine that can never become tyrannical. So they suggest that the second amendment is not needed and they insult gun-rights activists by calling them lunatics or ridiculous. Boy are they wrong. As perfectly put by Thomas Jefferson, “Government is a necessary evil.” It’s there. We need it as a society. But we can’t let it grow into a totalitarian state. We have given the government the ability to collect taxes and make laws that affect our daily lives. With this much power we must have a way stop the government when it crosses the line. Government checks and balances do not always work. The statist has found ways to play the system since the Constitution was written. FDR had the court packing Plan. Numerous Presidents have used Executive Orders because the Senate would not go their way. The government can’t always check itself. In fact the government’s natural state is to constantly expand. Therefore there must be something else to stop it: the armed citizenry. The statist argued that there is no concern for a genocidal state that will completely take over your life. This is not only laughable but mentally insane. To deny the existence of the USSR, Red China, Nazi Germany, and now Venezuela is beyond willful ignorance. In each country they used gun registration or gun bans to round up and kill millions of people. This is the threat the second amendment was designed to stop. The fight for the second amendment preserves the right to bear arms which preserves freedom. The freest nations tend to have the most guns on average. Over the past 200 years the US has traveled down the Road to Serfdom. It is more important now than anytime in our history to preserve our right to arm ourselves.
This was written by P.L. who can also be found @_Southern_Conservative_ on Instagram. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the rest of the writers or the blog as a whole.

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