Bernie and I: An opponent’s view on the DNC email scandal

I’ve spent the short political career I’ve had fighting Bernie Sanders’ and his supporters with the intent of squashing what I thought, and still feel is, an attempt at the destruction of everything in this country by the means of sour socialism. Tonight, I instead feel a sense of solidarity with those same people. Many times I crushed any idea that The Democratic National Committee being in Hillary Clinton’s pocket was anything but a “loser’s rallying call” instead of accepting reality. Today I learned I was farther from the truth then I ever hoped to be, but this isn’t about me. This is about the integrity of our system that’s being challenged to the core by Hillary Clinton and The Establishment.
Scrolling through comments via any means of social media, there are many calls from liberal media outlets telling Bernouts and the Bernie-or-Bust crew to get over it. They simply tack this on as just another “mistake” or “simple misfortune” upon the ever growing and glaring pile of grievously disgusting actions by Hillary Clinton and her goonies. They distract them with Hillary’s newly appointed running mate Tim Kaine, who is the farthest thing from any real progressive, and tell them to keep their mouths sealed tight as not to ruin the political unity Obama so solidly spoke of while endorsing the same woman he believed would do nothing to change politics back in 2008. Today, I tell you to disband the idea of unity and fight for integrity, honor, to fight Hillary Clinton.
It is crystal clear through the emails published through Wikileaks, that The Democratic National Committee had nothing but disgust for Bernie Sanders and his supporters. They are looked down upon like children, letting them throw a temper tantrum until they wear out so they could make them stand in line. Right now, it’s working perfectly. Hillary Clinton used The DNC to strong arm The Democratic Party and media outlets like MSNBC, CBS, and others to bring an illusion well drawn out to the American public that is not only sympathetic to her cause, but shows contempt to Bernie. Whether it be secretly trading letters to The Wall Street Journal, Super PACs buying young voters to push back Sanders’ propaganda online, or pushing the narrative Bernie’s campaign was anything but responsible, it has been a grand success. I ask you, is this the woman you desire just on the premise she “bears the banner” of the party?
You may think this is the part where I bring my selling card to Libertarianism, specifically paleolibertarianism, but it’s not. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, that’s your job. This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican, Libertarian vs. Socialist, or a Right vs. Left issue. This is right vs. wrong, honor vs. deceit, integrity vs. dishonesty, this is not a political issue, it’s a morality issue. Every vote for Hillary is a vote against these principles. So is your vote going to speak for your principles?


This article was written by @politicaldog on Instagram. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the writers or the blog as a whole. Thank you.

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