Comments on Black Lives Matters Arguments

With the re-rise of Black Lives Matter (hence known as BLM) I have decided to comment on five of their arguments. Again this should not be taken as a refutation although some arguments may be refuted. This article is intended to offer my thoughts on their arguments and not to refute them, per se. Beyond that I want to remind my readers that BLM, like any group, should not be judged by a few radicals. In the end, I do believe that BLM can do good for society by providing a skeptical eye to the state’s police powers, but in its current state it should be opposed for bigoted views and violent means.
1. White people are privileged
Name one thing given to white people. What privilege do white people get? Specifics. What law benefits white people? What companies discount their services because the customer is white? When? Where? You cannot just say something vague and meaningless like “white people are privileged” without actually giving specifics and BLM cannot give specifics.
2. Racism requires power
This is completely false. According to Merriam Webster racism is
• poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
• the belief that some races of people are better than others
Racism has nothing to do with power. It is an individual act requiring no group action. This is actually an evil argument. The belief that sin is dependent on a group and not on individual action is what leads to mass genocide, when taken to its logical conclusion. For example, and just as an example, take Nazi Germany (let me be clear, I am not comparing BLM to Nazis). The Nazis held this view of the world. They assigned sins only to groups. It was the Jews who were oppressive. When they slaughtered the Jews, they were not doing anything wrong because they could not. The group they were in precluded that.
3. Regardless, there is “systematic racism” in America
As Ben Shapiro says, name a law or policy. You cannot just say “systematic racism” exists without providing evidence and no evidence exists to support the proposition.
4. Black Americans are still disproportionately killed or abused
When it comes to police killings this claim simply is not true, but when it comes to police abuse it might be.
On non-lethal uses of force, blacks and Hispanics are more than fifty percent more likely to experience some form of force in interactions with police. Adding controls that account for important context and civilian behavior reduces, but cannot fully explain, these disparities. On the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account.”

In all three experiments using a more externally valid research method than previous studies, we found that participants took longer to shoot Black suspects than White or Hispanic suspects. In addition, where errors were made, participants across experiments were more likely to shoot unarmed White suspects than unarmed Black or Hispanic suspects, and were more likely to fail to shoot armed Black suspects than armed White or Hispanic suspects. In sum, this research found that participants displayed significant bias favoring Black suspects in their decisions to shoot.”

See the hyperlinks attacked for sources.

5. The slogan “Black Lives Matter” isn’t racist
The slogan itself is not racist, I will not deny it but the implication is. The implication is that white people do not think black lives matter. Imagine a slogan saying “babies lives matter”. It would be a clear sly at the pro-choice movement and would imply they do not care about the lives of babies (to be clear, they do not).

2 thoughts on “Comments on Black Lives Matters Arguments

  1. A reasonable argument but the statistics in that image utilize the fallacy known as “moving the goalposts”. Few of the shootings of black men in the USA that gather the outrage involve criminals or armed people; it may well be the case that black criminals are statistically safer, but that isn’t the case for typical law abiding civilians. An odd type of racism that treats lawbreakers statistically easier than their law abiding brethren, but as you say the numbers don’t lie.


    1. He gave proof that of unarmed victims, whites and Hispanics we’re more likely to be shot than blacks… Read everything before posting. Also, many of the shootings that cause the outrage are over criminals, they are just not labelled as criminals by the press.


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