Never Means Never: The 2016 Outlook


What the news on November 9th will be

Some people just do not get it. Never means never. I said I would never support Donald J Trump. I laid out why and I meant it. Tonight when Mr. Trump won Indiana he won it fair a square. There was no cheating. He simply won. He is now the presumptive nominee and with no opposition to him he will reach the magic delegate number. The Trumpkins won this fair and square.
For months we warned him that Hillary Clinton would blow him out. They instead ignored all the polls and said he would win. We told them that he was a liar and provided a litany of examples. They claimed it was the media’s fault. We told him that he was wholly incompetent and that basic policy was over his head. They said they liked that, that they did not want a politician. We said he had no core principles outside Trump. They said good, he can get deals done. We told them he lacked basic morals and decency that every person should have. They said he simply was not politically correct. We told them they he would not do anything he promised that he was completely consistent. They said as long as he built a wall they would be happy. We pointed out that he told the New York Times he would not, they said it did not happen and made up the lamest excuse for not releasing the audio.
Fine. They wanted this they can have it. The Republican Party is theirs. They got what they want and they will have to live with it. When Hillary blows Donald Trump out they will forget that we told them this was going to happen. We told them that he was the worst candidate in a long time, that his negatives were somehow worse than Hillary’s and that he was losing with every major group in America. They did not listen. Hillary Clinton is going to become president. That is set in stone and we are going to have to come to grips with that (unless by some miracle she is indicted).
This is the reality and we need to act like it. Election Day is in five months and a week. If the election was held today it is likely that the democrats would take the Senate and with it the Supreme Court. They might take the house. They will gain governorships and state houses because Donald Trump will lower Republican turnout. Now that we know we what the situation is we need to make sure this will not happen. We need a third option for America. An option that will not just be a unifying force for conservatives (and preferably libertarians) to make a political statement but also to keep the turnout of the right high enough that the Senate and Supreme Court are protected. That the states are protected.
We have lost the White House for another four years. The left is winning the nations highest office but we need to continue to increase the rights power everywhere else. Donald Trump is the biggest obstacle to this. We need an alternative to rally around.
Trumpkins, The next four years of Hillary is on you. I hope you are proud.

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