Confessions of a Former Trumpkin

So Roman (aka the Credible Hulk) has already written an article on the Trump cult. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you either read it or at least scanned it, and you either agreed with what you had to say, didn’t care, or you called him a cuck without backing your views any further, as is common among the Trump cult. I (the admin on @youngteaparty) have decided to weigh in on the Trump cult from a different perspective. As someone who used to be part of it.
I’ll start by explaining what sucked me into the Trump cult/fandom. I’ve always understood why he’s popular. The Trump campaign is the backlash and contempt for the left wing policing of speech (i.e. calling those who disagree racist, misogynist, xenophobic, islamophobic, transphobic, etc.) manifesting itself into a candidate who says what he wants and doesn’t give a damn about political correctness. My hatred for the left and their aforementioned policing of speech, combined with Rand Paul dropping out of the race, caused me to look towards Trump after considering Cruz and the libertarian party. And I’ll be honest, being a Trump supporter had it’s perks. Your candidate was the only candidate who didn’t have to watch his mouth, as no amount of backlash has been able to bring him down thus far. There are many attractive female Trump supporters, and you can find various accounts dedicated to them. And Trump has by far the best memer fan base of any candidate, Trump memes seem like they’re mass produced in an assembly line. So why’d I stop supporting him? I realized that the Trump cult acts just like the leftists that they say they hate so much.
We should start this comparison by outlining some characteristics of the left and how the Trumpites also show them. Leftists LOVE to use trigger words to try to shut down and deter their opponents in arguments. Chances are, if you’ve argued with a leftist, you’ve been called a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a transphobe, an Islamophobe, hell; I even got called an anti-Semite once when I insulted Bernie. This characteristic is also shown among Trump supporters online, as those who don’t agree will be called “cucks,” a phrase used so much that it really doesn’t mean anything anymore (it used to be an amazing slander). I’ve noticed the Trump cult just possesses a general anti-free speech vibe, as anyone who insults Trump is demonized and attacked by shitposters from the alternative right. Next, both the anti-Trump internet leftist force and the Trump cult don’t seem to possess much knowledge of his policies. The left generally doesn’t bother learning, because Trump is allegedly racist, which is all that they need to know. The Trump cult doesn’t seem to understand his policies, because understanding them is impossible. He flip-flops so much, and all anyone really knows is that he wants to build a wall. Add to all this Trump well documented history of liberal stances and donations, which can be found with a quick Google search.
A vibe I strongly got from the Trumpkin community was that they wanted someone who would reverse the damage leftism has done to traditional society, and to stand up for the straight, white, cisgender, Christian male that the left blames all their problems on. I want someone like this too, as do most on the right. Donald Trump is not that someone, and he’s as much of a degenerate as those his followers claim to hate. He’s a billionaire who donates to establishment politicians, has had 3 different wives and is currently married to a woman who has appeared naked in magazines, he cheated on his first wife, and he talked about the size of his penis during a debate once. Electing Trump will do nothing to restore traditional values or undo the damage the left has done. Yes, it’s been fun seeing liberals get their panties in a knot, but Trump is not the answer. I realized that, but most of Trump’s cult following will not.

*Note: This article is not an endorsement of any other candidates, as I do not support anyone for this 2016 election.

One thought on “Confessions of a Former Trumpkin

  1. Found you on Instagram, and your whole social media presence illustrates why the general public shouldn’t be allowed to engage in it… You’re an absolute moron who uses way more trigger words (newsflash, anyone that has to constantly throw out directional signals like LEFTIST usually are a bunch of whining, über-individualistic hate filled people who want to justify their own irrationalities of hating people for who they are or what they support.)

    Get over yourself. People like you are the reason America is in the terrible state that it is in. Ted Cruz is just as bad as Trump, only he doesn’t directly spout hatred, just weaves it into his policy work. You’re rather blind to logic, I can tell from most of your inane, pointless posts and your terrible memes on Instagram that can easily be debunked. But thanks for the laughter this morning.


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